Beloved comedian and Strictly Come Dancing winner Bill Bailey is taking over the O2 Arena in London as part of his current tour.

Promises of his trademark musical stylings and wit, Bill will be bringing his Thoughtifier show to the capital in front of a huge crowd.

Thoughtifier is a word created by the comedian and is described as:

  1. an intriguing device that can amplify the thoughts of a curious mind using music, channelled through a human instrument, known as Bill Bailey
  2.  (colloquial) a person resembling Bill Bailey

The comedian's show is set to "celebrate our own flawed humanity" in a world where humans seem to become redundant.

If you managed to get tickets to Bill's show, this is everything you need to know from door times, tickets and seat view.

When is Bill Bailey at London's O2 Arena?

Comedian Bill Bailey will take over the O2 for one extra special night on Monday, March 4.

What time do doors open for Bill Bailey at London's O2 Arena?

If you are heading to see Bill and you want to head down early to take in all the atmosphere when the doors open, you'll want to head down at 6.30pm for the show.

It is also important to know that timings are subject to change.

What is the seating plan for Bill Bailey at London's O2 Arena?

If you're curious as to what your view will be for Bill Bailey at the O2, you can find out. 

The website gives you a picture or graphic view from your exact location.

See your view via the website

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What are the set times for Bill Bailey at London's O2 Arena?

The comics show is expected to begin at 8pm, the Arena has a curfew of a 11pm so the show is likely to end before then.

Can you still get tickets to Bill Bailey at London's O2 Arena?

If you're on the hunt for tickets to the show at the O2, you are in luck as there are still some tickets available.

Prices start at £11.25 for floor seating and rise to £171 for club seating, you can get tickets via AXS.