If the everyday hustle and bustle of life is starting to get to you and you feel like a break, then a weekend getaway might be the perfect treat.

One of the many perks of living in London is its great transport links to practically anywhere in the UK and even aboard.

In a matter of a few hours, you can be sitting back enjoying a glass of wine near the Eiffel Tower or heading to watch a football match in Manchester.

But, if Paris or Manchester aren't your things and you prefer a quaint coastal town, then you are in luck as just over an hour from London is an area praised for its shops, restaurants and cuisine of Oysters.

News Shopper: The Oyster beach.The Oyster beach. (Image: Newsquest)

Why you should visit Whitstable for your next weekend away

Whitstable is just under two hours away by car or train, as little as one hour and ten minutes, and can be as cheap as £6.90.

The town itself is best for its famous oysters which according to records have been sold in the coastal town since Roman times.

There are many spots in Whitstable where you can try an oyster or two, arguably the most popular is the Wheelers Oyster Bar famed for its pink and blue shop front design.

Away from the many oyster offerings, the town is home to many independent and unique shops along Harbour Street.

If you fancy exploring boutique shops, then The Whiting Post, Pink Flamingo and Exquisite are well worth a visit.

Fans of charity shop hunting will have plenty to explore in Whitstable with handfuls including British Red Cross, Cancer Research, Realte, Demelza and more. 


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Just down from the high street, Whitstable Harbour might not be big but it does offer a lot with hoards of colourful fishing boats and boat trips into the sea.

Plus, the Harbour Market lets you shop for small businesses from artists to dog specialists and try some homemade food.

For a place to relax, Whitstable Beach is the classic British stone beach that is the perfect spot to swim in the sea or to watch the sunset after a long day exploring.