Getting out and about with your dog is something everyone wants to do, especially in the summer but finding new spots that allow can be challenging.

But as the months get hotter you might think about making a day of it and taking a drive to a beach. 

Although London is not near beaches, there are a good amount that are only a short drive away.

Many beaches restrict pets or require owners to keep them on short leashes some spots by the coast allow our four-legged friend room to roam.

So you don't have to go around hunting down the perfect spots, we've compiled a list of some of the best dog-friendly beaches near London that owners should know about.

News Shopper: Will you be visiting one of these beaches?Will you be visiting one of these beaches? (Image: Canva)

Best dog-friendly beaches near London


In recent years Whitstable in Kent has become very popular, especially among the London crowd with some moving down and others regularly visiting the scenic location. Just a two-hour drive away, Whitstable Beach allows dogs all year round with its pet-friendly shingle beach and plenty of space for your pet to run around. 

Kingsgate Bay

Also in Kent, Kingsgate Bay is just over two and a half hours away and is slightly further than Whitstable. Similar to its nearby beach, Kingsgate Bay also allows dogs all year round and is overlooked by the 18th-century Kingsgate Castle. 

News Shopper: Dogs will love these beaches. Dogs will love these beaches. (Image: Canva)

Camber Sands

If you're looking for a golden sand beach, Camber Sands is the ideal spot, with endless sand and impressive dunes. Also just over two hours away, Camber Sands allows dogs just not in one section from May to September. 

West Mersea

At two hours for a drive, West Mersea in Essex is not only a great family beach but perfect for dogs as they are welcome all year round. The beach offers rocks pools and crabbing off the jetties. 

The Naze

Also in Essex, The Naze is the longest of drives, at nearly three hours but it does offer a unique spot for your friendly dog. Open to dogs all year round, The Naze has cliffs adjoining a nature reserve and a sea of colourful beach huts.