Blade runner ULEZ vandals have used a sticker of London Mayor Sadiq Khan's face to block the hated cameras.

They struck at least five sites in Orpington and have been blamed for a car crash involving a six-year-old girl due to the traffic lights being out of action in Court Road.

The girl and an adult were taken to hospital following the crash at around 8.30am on the Thursday - both are believed to be in a non-life threatening condition.

In some cases the lights were cut down as the ULEZ cameras were attached to them.

At the junction of Court Road and Old Priory Avenue, where the smash took place, a battered car was still at the roadside, whilst a sticker of Sadiq Khan with the word 'liar' written on his forehead had been stuck over the ULEZ camera.

Chief Inspector Priya Shome, based in Bromley, said: "We are investigating the criminal damage to five sets of traffic lights in the Orpington area overnight which has caused major traffic management issues.

"Two police units, who should have been available to answer 999 calls, were instead required to spend the morning managing traffic.

"The people who are carrying out this criminal damage are putting the public at risk.

"There has been a collision between two cars on Court Road, at the location of one of the damaged traffic lights, in which a child was injured.

"I would urge the people carrying out these crimes to stop immediately and think about the danger they are causing to road users."

A resident of the area recalled hearing a lot of noise in the night around 11:30pm and a loud crash when the collision happened.

One mother who lives near the crash site said: “I heard something in the night but didn’t know what it was and didn’t think to look. This road is a nightmare.”

The junction seems to have been a big problem area over the years, and one man who lives directly opposite the crash noted he has seen multiple accidents in the area.

He said: “I have lived here for three years, and this is the seventh serious crash I have seen happen.

“It is because of the traffic lights people get so confused on this road about who has the right of way.”

The latest damage comes amid a similar vandalism across the capital since the scheme, designed to bring down pollution, expanded to cover the whole of Greater London in August.