Photos show what appears to be ULEZ cameras and traffic lights cut down in Orpington.

A resident told the News Shopper that the cameras were cut down at the junction where Spur Road and Court Road meet.

The photos show the poles on the ground with cars on the road next to it trying to navigate the junction without traffic lights.

On Facebook, many Orpington residents shared their thoughts on the spate of ULEZ cameras cut down across the area recently.

Many people shared the opinion that, while they understand the desire to protest the ULEZ expansion, it becomes dangerous when it starts to affect traffic lights.

One resident was concerned about children crossing roads on their way home from school without being able to wait until the red light stops cars from driving past.

Others were advising people to contact police when they see them to make sure that temporary lights can be put in place as soon as possible.

One Facebook user even branded the idea as “idiotic” saying that it is going to cause “carnage” and accidents if it carries on.

Another agreed, saying that it is “sad” that people would put their protests against ULEZ before the safety of those in their area.

The News Shopper has contacted TfL and the Metropolitan Police for a statement.