We all have our own opinions as to what the worst and the best Tube line is. But now we have an answer.

The ranking was not decided based on looks and personal favourites, or even historical connections, but instead the facts.

The Telegraph has used science to determine the official ranking of the Tube lines, and the answer may just surprise you.

The Tube fans compared data from 37 categories including the likes of air quality, crime, air con, wifi, frequency, how useful the line is for tourists and their connections to national rail stations and airports.

You can see the full findings now via The Telegraph.

News Shopper: Baker Street station.Baker Street station. (Image: Canva)

The full ranking of London Tube lines from worst to best

11. Bakerloo

Although the home to the oldest station on the Tube network, it does not rank well by modern standards.

It scored just 26.1% due to its noisy tracks, always warm temperatures and lack of accessible stops.

However, the Bakerloo line did score well for its Baker Street station, with its impressive design and being the home to 10 platforms.

10. Waterloo & City

With an overall score of 35.2%, the Waterloo & City line was the first ever on the Tube service in a bid to help link the financial district with Waterloo Station.

The line scored poorly for connectivity at 11th place and modernity at 9th place but did do well for overall experience in 5th place.

The Telegraph describes the Waterloo & City line as "a glitch in the matrix, a two-stopped oddity which spans just 1.4 miles and takes four minutes to ride."

News Shopper: See what ranks best.See what ranks best. (Image: PA)

9. Northern

For many the Northern line is likely at the bottom of their rankings but it did score well with an overall 37.8%.

It ranked 2nd for connectivity thanks to its 5G coverage, however the Northern line is very loud and often more crowded than other services.

8. Central

Although in the lower part of the list with a score of 40.2%, it did rank number one for connectivity.

However, it's the bottom of the pot for experience due to its delays, screeching tracks, boiling temperatures and poor cleanliness.

7. Piccadilly

Scoring just slightly higher than Central, the Piccadilly line had a score of 41.2% and was average across the board.

But, The Telegraph did give the line some praise for being the only Tube to connect to an airport and its links to Central.

However, the Picaddily's long staircases, delays and "garish seat design" make its score drop to seventh place.

6. Hammersmith & City

With a score of 41.4%, the Hammersmith & City line just scraps past Piccadilly but did come in second for the experience.

The Telegraph describes the line as a "poor man’s Circle Line", adding that it " fails to get the heart racing, taking a wrong turn at Liverpool Street to ferry passengers east along the District Line to Barking rather than south and west along the Victoria Embankment to the museum district of Kensington."

News Shopper: The Jubilee line.The Jubilee line. (Image: PA)

5. Victoria

Victoria gets good marks for its accessibility and having the quickest lines on the Tube network.

Plus it has trains every 100 seconds at peak times making it one of the most useful services and gets it a score of 41.7%.

4. Circle

With a jump in scores, the Circle line gets 48.5% thanks to its experiences, with air-con, little delays, walk-through carriages and its links to tourist hotspots.

But, it does lose some marks for its stops, as The Telegraph writes: "It is also one of the few Underground lines with no unique stops, sharing its platforms with the District Line, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Lines, and never poking its head outside of Zone Two."

3. Jubilee

The Jubilee line took the top spot for modernity and placed well for both connectivity at three and experience at sixth.

The modern line offers automatic platform edge doors and wide passageways along with wheelchair-accessible access.


2. District

In second place was the District line with an overall score of 57.3%, described as an 'expansive beast', the line has more stops than any other.

The District line helps connect some of the best attractions in London and the region's more 'towny' areas including Richmond and Upminster.

1. Metropolitan

Taking the top spot is the Metropolitan line with a score of 57.8%, although the first Tube line, it's still the best according to The Telegraph.

With forward-facing seats, air con, cleanliness, fast trains, great seat design and plenty of seats, it tickets all the boxes.