There's no doubt that the London Underground is the beating heart of the capital. 

Every day millions rely on the service to get around London and many use it without realising how important it is to their life. 

Without it getting to work in the capital would be a nightmare and let's not even think about how the roads would be if the tube was no more. 

Although many don't typically show their love for their handy London Underground, others are much more willing to be open about their love.

For example, one entire Reddit thread is dedicated to the reasons why people admire the service so much. 

The thread was begun by one user who shared that they "love everything about the Tube."

News Shopper: One person confessed to loving the screeching noise.One person confessed to loving the screeching noise. (Image: Canva)

Reddit users love "everything about the Tube"

The user shared that they love it all, from "the massive escalators, the ticket machines, the staff with an encyclopedic knowledge of every line and route, getting lost and not knowing what line you're on, that amazing feeling when you get the right train just as you get to the platform."

Although not a daily commuter and well aware that doing it all the time could be miserable for some, this user finds the tube amazing. 

They added that they even love the "roar and rush of wind just before the train comes" and "seeing lighting on the tracks before a train arrives."

With plenty of reasons why they have such admiration for the London Underground, the Reddit user added a slightly controversial note on how their favourite line is the Northern Line. 

Of course, the Northern Line is typical for most Tube users less favourite of its old and very loud and hot nature. 

News Shopper: Does anyone like the Northern Line?Does anyone like the Northern Line? (Image: Canva)

Reddit users share the weird reasons they love the London Underground

Following the first Reddit user's confession, many others were quick to share their own thoughts and love for the Tube. 

One said that they "genuinely love the screeching noise" knowing full well that it is the thing of nightmares for most. 

They shared: "I genuinely love the screeching noise that everyone else hates. It shuts my brain up; it's really relaxing to me. Often wonder if I'm the only one."

Another regular London Underground user pointed out their love for the series thanks to the creatures on it (no not the people).

News Shopper: Do you love the tube?Do you love the tube? (Image: Canva)

They said: "Did you see the cute tiny mice, too? They blend so well that you barely notice them, and they are so shy but so cute. I know they are vermin, but they are living creatures too."


The odd reason why you must stand on the right on escalators in London

Plus, one Reddit user shared that they only recently visited the Tube network for the first time and "fell in love". 

Their "favourite part is the maze in every station" and that they want to visit them all someday. 

Others had less love for the service, instead having a mutual understanding of its importance as one said: "This is funny because I literally hate the tube. I do recognise its convenience though!"