The 16-year-old boy who was allegedly accidentally knifed by his friend died of a single stab wound, a murder trial was told. 

Charlie Bartolo and Kearne Solanke, both 16, died after they were found with stab injuries one mile apart in Abbey Wood and Thamesmead on November 26 last year.     

Last week (November 9) a murder trial began with four teenage boys accused of murdering both Charlie and Kearne. 

Hussain Bah and Alagie Jobe, both 19, and two teens aged 16 and 17, who cannot be named, all deny both murders. 

Prosecutor William Emyln Jones previously told the jury that Kearne was part of the gang of five who knocked Charlie off his moped with a 4x4, then stabbed him in the head.      

During the violence Kearne is alleged to have been accidentally stabbed by his friend, the 16-year-old defendant.   

On Thursday (November 16) the jury heard from forensic pathologist Dr Simon Poole who explained the injuries sustained by Charlie and Kearne, and gave their cause of deaths. 

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News Shopper: Four teens are on trial accused of murdering Charlie Bartolo (left) and Kearne Solanke (right) Four teens are on trial accused of murdering Charlie Bartolo (left) and Kearne Solanke (right) (Image: PA)

Dr Poole gave Charlie’s cause of death as a sharp force wound to his head which penetrated his brain. 

He said severe force would need to have been used to cause this injury. 

The court heard that Charlie had a number of defensive injuries to his legs and hands, consistent with trying to protect himself from the attack. 

Charlie also had a number of injuries to his torso. 

Dr Poole said Kearne died from one significant injury – a stab wound to the top of the left chest, close to the shoulder region. 

He said the suspect weapon was likely a knife, which had cut through a blood vessel and penetrated his lung. 

The jury had previously been shown CCTV footage of the incident in which Charlie was stabbed to death and Kearne was allegedly accidentally stabbed by his own friend. 

Prosecutor Mr Emyln Jones pinpointed the moment that he says Kearne was stabbed. 

After the attack Kearne turned to head back to the car when he appeared to drop his knife and fell as he went to pick it up. 

Mr Emyln Jones alleged that when Kearne got back to his feet he approached the front seat of the car, but at that point the 16-year-old defendant got out of the car with a knife raised and accidentally stabbed him. 

Michelle Nelson, defending the 16-year-old, asked Dr Poole if Kearne’s falling over could have been consistent with him being already stabbed. 

She said: “We know that when Kearne Solanke bent down, he fell. Might that be consistent with the loss of function due to the loss of blood?” 

Dr Poole replied: “Yes.” 

The CCTV footage showed Kearne then got back into the car without assistance. 

Dr Poole explained that people can remain active for a “surprisingly long period of time” after sustaining an injury like this. 

SE ‘post-code beef’ 

Prosecutor Mr Emyln Jones previously told the court that harlie’s “brutal” killing was motivated by a “post-code rivalry” between Abbey Wood and Thamesmead.  

“As [the 17-year-old defendant] told the police, he had a problem – he didn’t use the word problem, he said he had a beef – with Abbey Wood. That, I’m afraid to tell you, is the depressingly petty reason for these two young men losing their lives,” Mr Emyln Jones said. 

News Shopper: Flowers left at the scene where Charlie diedFlowers left at the scene where Charlie died (Image: PA)The five teens, “armed to the teeth with knives” in a Nissan Qashqai which had been stolen from Erith, drove into Abbey Wood looking for a victim to attack, he said.   

Flowers left at the scene where Charlie died Charlie and two friends were riding motorbikes on Sewell Road at around 5pm when he was deliberately rammed by the car which came towards him, throwing him over the handlebars and into the air.   

Kearne, Jobe and the 16-year-old defendant got out the passenger side where Charlie had fallen and used large almost sword-like knives to stab him as he lay defenceless on the pavement, Mr Emyln Jones said.   

All four defendants deny both murders. Jobe, Bah and the 16-year-old defendant all deny that they were there at all.  

The 17-year-old defendant admits he was at the scene but claims he was “just chilling” in the car and didn’t take any part in the attack, Mr Emyln Jones said.  

The trial continues at Inner London Crown Court.