Harrowing CCTV footage of the moment a 16-year-old was killed in Abbey Wood has been played in a double murder trial.  

Charlie Bartolo and Kearne Solanke, both 16, died after they were found with stab injuries one mile apart in Abbey Wood and Thamesmead on November 26 last year.     

This morning (November 9) a murder trial began with four teens accused of both murders.  

Shockingly the jury were told that Kearne, one of the victims, was part of the gang of five who knocked Charlie off his moped with a 4x4 then stabbed him in the head.    

During the violence Kearne is alleged to have been accidentally stabbed by his own friend.  

The jury were shown harrowing CCTV footage which showed Charlie shouting “no, no, no” after he was knocked off his bike and his attackers approached him with knives.  

It also showed the moment that Kearne appeared to be injured by a stray knife.  

You can read our report about the incident which killed Charlie and Kearne here - Boy ‘accidentally killed by mate as they murdered other boy’ in Abbey Wood bloodbath. 

‘Celebrations turned sour’ 

News Shopper: Four teens are on trial accused of murdering Charlie Bartolo (left) and Kearne Solanke (right) Four teens are on trial accused of murdering Charlie Bartolo (left) and Kearne Solanke (right) (Image: Charlie and Kearne)Prosecutor William Emyln Jones’ opening of the case continued this afternoon as he described to the jury the aftermath of the attack. 

“This should be a moment of celebration and excitement – after all, they had gone on an armed trip into Abbey Wood and found and stabbed someone from that rival territory,” he said. 

However, he told the jury that the celebrations “will have turned sour” as they realised that Kearne was seriously injured. 

Kearne was dropped onto the pavement on Titmuss Avenue and the car drove off before the 16-year-old defendant got out the vehicle, the jury was told. 

The teen ran back to where Kearne was and phoned 999 using Bah’s phone, Mr Emyln Jones said. 

The caller gave his name as John Brady and during the call he was heard pleading with Kearne to “stay with me”. 

Kearne died at the scene from a fatal wound to his shoulder. 

Mr Emyln Jones also told the jury: “Charlie had suffered in the region of eight separate stab wounds, to his back, to his left arm, and his left leg, as well as one stab wound to the top of his head.  

“The wound on his head was 8cm long on the surface, and had caused a full thickness cut through his skull and had penetrated his brain, causing contusions to the brain and subarachnoid haemorrhage – in other words bruising and bleeding to the brain. It is this traumatic brain injury which caused his death.” 

CCTV and phone data 

News Shopper: Flowers left at the scene where Charlie died Flowers left at the scene where Charlie died (Image: PA)

Mr Emyln Jones told the jury that CCTV footage of the incident did not show any of the attackers' faces.  

But he said officers conducted an exhaustive trawl of CCTV from earlier in the day to reveal who was in the vehicle.  

The jury was shown various footage which the prosecution says proves that the four defendants were in the car that rammed Charlie off his moped.  

This included Snapchat footage Kearne recorded of himself vaping in the vehicle, just a matter of minutes before the fatal attack. 

He also told the jury that the defendants were linked to the scene on Sewell Road by phone mast data. 

All four defendants deny both murders. 

The trial at Inner London Crown Court continues.