An emotional TikTok video has shown the desolate sight of empty shelves at the Wilko store in Bexleyheath, as the chain shuts down its operations.

The video, shared by kels_037, a former employee of the store, takes viewers on a sombre Julia’s theme Eastenders-like ending.

It shows them alone walking around the store, filming how all the items have completely been removed from the shelves.

The escalators are still running but there are no customers there.

@kels_037 Wilko bexleyheath #sadtimes #wilko #206 #bexleyheath #lovemyjob #myworkfamily ♬ Peggy’s Theme (Variation of Julia’s Theme from EastEnders) - Simon May

Wilko, facing financial difficulties, made the decision to permanently close all its stores across the country.

Last week, the closure of the Bexleyheath branch was officially confirmed, and its doors were shut on Thursday, October 5.

One TikTok user commented, " 15 years at Wilko Bexleyheath and I have some amazing memories and made amazing friends for life. It’s heart breaking 😢😢 I’m going to miss it xx."

Another user said: "Sadly, the end of an era. RIP WILKOS."

Wilkos all over the country will shut down by the end of November.