Every year millions of tourists visit London to explore the impressive sites, attractions and try out the culture. 

But like any major capital in the world, not everything is as it seems, especially to the unsure tourist. 

As many keen travellers and explorers have recently discovered when they visited the landmark destination of Piccadilly Circus. 

The road junction is famed for its unique curved screen wrapped around buildings and attractions with millions of visitors every year. 

However, tourists have started to share that they are heartbroken over the destination as they learn that Piccadilly Circus is not actually a circus.

News Shopper: No big top at Piccadilly Circus.No big top at Piccadilly Circus. (Image: Canva)

Tourists are distraught that Piccadilly Circus is not a real circus

Although Piccadilly Circus has an overall good score on the review site Tripadvisor of 4/5, there is a handful of 'terrible' reviews. 

Many share the same thought of how they are upset that the area offers no clown, circus or even a big top. 

As one Tripadvisor reviewer wrote how they were left "very disappointed" writing: "Not a Circus. Didn’t see 1 juggler or any clowns. Billy Smart Will be turning in his grave. Stood looking up for a trapeze artist, but no joy."

News Shopper: Some thought they would see a real circus.Some thought they would see a real circus. (Image: Getty)

Others simply said how they were upset it was "not actually a circus…. No tent…. No circus… no clowns… no popcorn… no big top…… no sign of a circus except the sign that said circus."

One user even told other visitors to not "Fall for the trap", writing: "All in all, myself and my family were left a little deflated.

"After spending £40 on petrol we couldn't wait to see what the circus had to offer.....or didn't.

"The tightrope walker never turned up, there were no lions and we struggled to make out the juggler.

"My advice, dont fall for the trap. It's a road junction."