I vividly remember visiting LEGOLAND at the age of seven, riding on the L-Driver cars and being completely awestruck by the Lego models of London town.

I recently revisited again 20 years later to see how it has changed since my last visit and I tried many of its rides, old and new.

LEGOLAND is an ever-popular destination for families to visit with their children, with a mix of Lego models, lifesize Lego installations and of course rides.  

But with so many rides to choose from it can be hard to know what to pick.

So I’ve rounded up some of the things that I think you shouldn’t miss on a trip to LEGOLAND.

The Dragon


News Shopper: Knight's Kingdom Knight's Kingdom (Image: Knight's Kingdom)

One of the most popular rides at LEGOLAND is the Dragon, located in the Knight's Kingdom. The Dragon is a small rollercoaster which takes you on a ride through a medieval castle and then out above the treetops.

This was one of the rides I remember vividly going on as a child and it was one of the most nostalgic.

For younger children there is also the smaller and easier Dragon’s Apprentice Ride, which is a little bit gentler and doesn’t take riders through a dark castle like its larger counterpart.

Fire & Ice Freefall


LEGOLAND’s newest ride, Fire & Ice Freefall is a drop tower ride giving you the sensation of rising and falling through the air in flight.

The ride spins and drops and ascends to the sound of bird calls and also gives you great views of the resort from up high.

Flight of the Sky Lion


News Shopper: LEGOLAND Mythica LEGOLAND Mythica (Image: Emily Davison)

Flight of the Sky Lion is located in LEGO MYTHICA and takes guests on an immersive ride using imaging accompanied by the movements of the ride, to make you feel as if you are flying through an enchanted landscape.

The ride will take you across seas, the sky and lava-filled landscapes, where you will meet an array of enchanted creatures on your journey.

The ride is indoors and, despite not having too many drastic turns and dips, the animations make you feel as if you are dodging fire-breathing dragons and skimming across the sea.

Queues for this ride get very long so be prepared for a long wait to get on to it.

LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure


Located in LEGO City, the Deep Sea Adventure is a family-friendly submarine ride taking you on an exploration to find the hidden treasures of Atlantis.

The submarine itself is yellow and hopping aboard I will admit I couldn’t resist the temptation to sing the lyrics to Yellow Submarine.

The ride is also a great opportunity to spot some sea life, where you’ll be able to see sting rays, small sharks and other small and colourful fish.

Afterwards you can explore the other aquariums on your way out and learn more about the types of sea life they contain.

Pirate Falls Treasure Quest


This ride is guaranteed to get you very wet. Pirate Halls is located within Pirate Shores and is a log flume ride taking you on a quest to discover treasure.

Beware, the ride has many watery surprises in store, with cannons and Lego characters ready and waiting to spray you with water.

The ride has some great models of pirates, treasure and other characters and the drop at the end doesn’t disappoint.

This ended up being my favourite ride out of them all, and I ended up venturing on it again as my final ride of the day when queues were a lot shorter.

Although in hindsight I would suggest leaving this ride until last on account of how wet you will get.

The Jolly Rocker


If you fancy a classic rocking boat ride then you shouldn’t miss a trip on the Jolly Rocker, located next to Pirate Falls Treasure Quest.

Queues for the ride aren’t especially long compared to other rides in the park, and with the ride being relatively short you should be able to board quite quickly.



News Shopper: A LEGO model of Buckingham Palace in Mainland A LEGO model of Buckingham Palace in Mainland (Image: Emily Davison)

No trip to LEGOLAND is ever complete without a trip to Miniland, with its many miniature models of famous landmarks from around the world.

Since I last visited as a child Miniland has added so many new features, including a mini Glastonbury festival and a miniature Amsterdam.

There is so much attention to detail here and you could easily spend ages admiring all the small details, from the tiny tube underneath Piccadilly Circus to the little cable car going up the mountains in Switzerland.

News Shopper: A LEGO model of Paris at MainlandA LEGO model of Paris at Mainland (Image: Emily Davison)

I would recommend saving Miniland until last, after you’ve tackled all the rides on your list.

Miniland is located in Duplo Valley on the way out of the park, making it a great attraction to visit for the last hour of your visit before heading home.

Things to know


Online saver tickets booked in advance can be as low as £34 up to £43.

On the day ticket prices cost £66 per person. 

You can also pre-book parking, which costs £16 for priority parking and £10 for standard parking.

Top Tips


  • The park opens at 9am with rides starting to open from 10am, so plan to give yourself enough time do everything
  • Download the app when visiting. This will allow you to map out your day, check show times and see queuing times for rides
  • Bring a waterproof jacket or poncho, some rides will get you wet
  • If you want to avoid queues you can purchase a Reserve and Ride pass where you can pre-book slots to avoid the queues
  • Be sure to measure your children to make sure they are tall enough before queing for rides to avoid disapointment
  • If you don't fancy the walk to the bottom of LegoLand, hop on the Hill Train, which is a free train service running between the entrance and the bottom of Legoland, within easy reach of many of the rides and attractions
  • Book your tickets in advance online to save money
  • The park shuts at 6pm, so be sure to plan your time accordingly around that
  • Don’t forget to have your ride pictures sent to your mobile phone for you to browse afterwards