On a sunny Sunday in June, my boyfriend and I headed to Thorpe Park in Chertsey.

He’d been before, and I hadn’t, and he enjoyed spending the whole journey there telling me all the exciting rides I’d be going on.

I was agreeing, but deep down I knew I might chicken out last minute due to nerves – it was a smile and nod situation.

What he did tell me though, was that Thorpe Park is home to the UK’s fastest rollercoaster.

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“You’ll see it from a distance soon,” he said, as we drove, and again, I was listening, but not quite taking in what he was saying.

Rest assured as we approached Thorpe Park and there it was, right up in the sky, Stealth, a literal up and down rollercoaster 62 metres in the sky.

My stomach sank, but I was so excited to go into the theme park and see what it had to offer.

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Thorpe Park has a huge car park, and there’s a walk through security and an indoor activity centre before you actually get to the coasters.

It opens at 10am on a Sunday, and we arrived at around 11am.

It was busy but there were still spaces to park in.

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Once you get into the park and look up, you are treated with all the epic rides swirling above you.

There are some really thrilling coasters which have loops and go upside down, some swing/ claw coasters, some water rides, some spooky rides, and some for those who are younger or maybe less brave.

You can download the Thorpe Park app which brands the coasters into categories of how scary they are, and it also shows you how long the queues are.

We had unlimited fastrack which I would highly recommend as it meant we spent around 15 minutes maximum queueing for rides and didn’t end up wasting the whole day in queues.

I went on soar, colossus and swarm which are huge coasters with big drops and upside down moments – NOT for the faint-hearted.

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I shut my eyes on most of them and couldn’t wait for them to be over, but once I’d got off and was safely back on the ground I appreciated how epic they were.

Once we’d done the biggies it was time for lunch, on a stomach that was not very settled I must add.

There are SO many options and the Thorpe Park app tells you what they all are.

We decided to go for a pasta/ pizza shack, which luckily was opposite a Burger King.

We shared some pasta and some chips as we didn’t want to eat too much and it come back up when we went on our next rides.

The prices were reasonable, £3.35 for pasta, and there was also an all you can eat pasta/ pizza offering for £17.50 for an adult where you get unlimited drinks too.

The next rides we went on were tidal wave and storm surge, which were the water rides and I absolutely LOVED these.

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I’ve always loved log flooms and water parks, and these were thrilling but not too scary.

Disclaimer, though, we did get soaked, but luckily Thorpe Park has heaters which you can stand in for a few minutes to dry off.

Now, it was time for Stealth, and I’m going to be 100% honest about what happened (laugh at me if you want).

My boyfriend was ecstatic, it’s his favourite ride of all time.

I decided I’d been brave on the others so I’d have a go, but we got to the front of the queue, about to get on, and I chickened out.

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YEP, I queued and chickened out.

I must say it is VERY high, and VERY fast, up to 80mph, and I just couldn’t stomach it.

I watched my boyfriend on it, and the ride only lasts around 10 seconds, so I did feel stupid, but I couldn’t bring myself to go up there.

He went on it TWICE though because he loved it so much, so I’d perhaps follow in his footsteps rather than mine.

We stopped off for an ice cream at one of the many Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlours, and then went on a couple more rides including Zodiac, The Walking Dead ride (LOVED this – it’s an indoor coaster with some surprises) and The Ghost Train.

The Ghost Train is Thorpe Park’s newest ride, and research by the resort in celebration of its new attraction revealed that King’s Cross is the UK’s most haunted train station (20%), followed by Hyde Park Corner (12%) and Covent Garden (12%) – good to know!

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As one of the UK’s longest ride experiences, the Ghost Train has live actors and multisensory effects – and it ISN’T virtual.

Once we’d pretty much done all the rides we wanted to, and eaten all we could, it was time to go.

I’d say we left around 4.30pm, but the park is open until 6pm.

We had the BEST day, we laughed and screamed all day, had so much fun and would definitely do it all again.