A yellow weather warning has been issued for wind across London and Kent tomorrow - here’s what you need to know.

The yellow warning has been placed tomorrow (July 14) from 9am-11:59pm, affecting London and parts of south east England.

The Met Office has said that people are likely to experience “unseasonably windy” conditions tomorrow.

This is due to a deep area of low pressure affecting parts of the UK, with strong gusts of wind likely in the south of the UK.

Winds of between 40mph and 55mph could hit parts of the UK during the day, with potential showers and some thunder, although the winds are expected to become moderate by the evening.

Stronger winds are most likely to affect hilled areas as well as the south coast.

Forecast for Saturday

In London, showers and thundery conditions are likely, with the occasional sunny spell in between.

Windy conditions with strong winds are expected near rain showers, with potential “coastal gales” to hit London.

Maximum temperature 22 °C.

What to expect

Tomorrow's windy weather conditions could potentially affect travel conditions, with likely delays to road, rail and ferry transport.

The Met Office has also warned that people could experience a loss of power and other services.

Tomorrow's wind may also cause tree damage, as well as compromising the structures of tents and marquees.

Extra caution when travelling is advised and people are being advised to plan in advance.