Londoners can expect a day of mixed weather today, as it looks like four seasons of weather will hit the capital in just one day. 

After weeks of hot temperatures and sunny skies, the latest week has been a mixed bag with the recent weekend being humid, sticky and wet. 

Whilst the start of the week offered cooler settings and cloudy skies, the latest weather is set to make London feel tropical. 

Weather forecasters, including the BBC and the Met Office, suggest that thunder and rain will hit the capital today (July 12). 

The exact time London to be hit by thunder and rain

Although today will start off warm, with averages of 19C and cloudy skies, the day is set to take a turn. 

As the Met Office predicts that from 4pm London will be met with heavy thunder, dark clouds and rain. 

The forecasters expect that the thunder will last until 6pm, whilst the rain will continue until 8pm. 

BBC Weather suggests similar conditions, with rain and thunder to begin a 5pm until 6pm, seeing a 78% chance of precipitation. 

Whilst times on when the thunder and rain will start vary between the two weather forecasters, both suggest that the rain will calm down from 7pm. 

Discussing today's weather, a Met Office spokesperson said: "Dry and largely sunny at first but becoming breezy with sunny spells and scattered showers, heavier and more frequent in the afternoon. The odd rumble of thunder possible. Windier and feeling cooler along south coastal parts. Maximum temperature 23 °C."