A new rom-com set and filmed in South London, Rye Lane, has been released in cinemas nationwide. 

The film starring David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah follows the story of two twentysomethings trying to navigate life after their own break-ups, leading to a chance meeting at an art exhibition. 

The pair soon connect as they wander through the streets of South London reflecting on their past relationships and learning about each other. 

The will-they-won't they film was largely shot across Peckham and Brixtion back in the spring of 2021 and now as it releases in cinemas, many are wondering if they can visit the bright and colourful spaces featured in Rye Lane. 

Where was Rye Lane filmed?

Rye Lane Market

The director of Rye Lane, Raine Allen-Miller has previously shared that the film is a "love letter to those silly moments" you experience in London according to Time Out. 

In the film, the market features kids on scooters, men shouting from flats and many more things you can expect to see at your typical London market. 

Coal Rooms

Just outside Peckham Rye station, there is Coal Rooms, the former ticket office that's now a restaurant. In the film it's where the pair first meet, as a heartbroken Dom cries in the loos as Yas asks if he's okay. 


Morley's is popular with South London foodies, the cult chicken shop offers your classic takeaway food options with the likes of fried chicken legs with chips. The film uses the restaurant as a flashback as Dom remembers a candle-lit date with his ex held in Morley's. 

Brockwell Park

Away from the busy streets of south London, Brockwell park offers a relaxing space filled with wildlife and green grass. Director of the Rye Lane Raine told Time Out that she was a member of the Lido and said: "It feels art-directed, even though it’s a park – it’s not just a big flat green area."

News Shopper:


Many locals will be well aware of the cinema Peckhamplex with its bright and colourful design. The cheap cinema at only £5 a ticket is small and indie but is prominent in Rye Lane. 

II Giardina

Director Raine shared that he wanted the film to feature a lot of local businesses including II Giardina. The rustic restaurant is said to be full of soul and offers great-tasting food. 

How to watch Rye Lane

Rye Lane is currently being shown in most cinemas nationwide including Cineworld, Vue, Odeon and Picturehouse. 

The film is rated 15 and currently has a 98% rating on the review website Rotten Tomatoes.