I went shopping at the London Designer Outlet for the first time last weekend, and was absolutely amazed.

Who knew there were so many high street and designer shops, with discounts, right on our door step in London?

News Shopper:

Going forward, if I needed stuff for myself, or gifts for friends, I’d definitely head there before the high street - I really didn’t realise how much stuff that I’d buy ordinarily is available there discounted.

Not only is the outlet in a modernised, built-up part of Wembley which is easy to get to on the tube, it’s also really aesthetic and gives a real up-market feel to a day out.

News Shopper:

There are high street shops, like Adidas, Nike, New Balance and The Body Shop, and there are also designer shops, such as Calvin Klein, Replay and Tommy Hilfiger.

@immyshare Come shopping with me and my bestie @londondesigneroutlet in Wembley - what a fun day out 🛍️📍 #londonshopping #designerdiscount #londondesigneroutlet #londondesigner #shopping ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

I went with a purpose as I needed some bits for myself and I promised my family I’d get some bits they needed while I was there - because, well, who doesn’t like saving a bit of money where possible?!

I’d definitely go back even if I didn’t need anything, though, and I’m sure I wouldn’t struggle to find things.

I almost got a bit of a kick out of finding those really good bargains, buying them, and feeling like I’d cheated the system – when actually, I hadn’t, I just chose somewhere other than Oxford Street or Westfield to do my shopping.

And it was just as easy, if not easier.

I picked up some Ray Ban sunglasses at Sunglass Hut – which were a treat that I’d wanted for ages.

They didn't actually have the ones I wanted in store but I was able to order them online with discount and with free delivery - just because I was there. How good is that?!

I was so glad I had waited until I went to the Designer Outlet to buy them, though, because the discount was HUGE.

News Shopper:

I picked up some bits in Calvin Klein, and some skincare and gym gear for my family.

There was a huge beauty and makeup outlet, and an Estee Lauder outlet too – which, in simple words, were irresistible, and heavenly if that’s not too far-fetched.

I’d only recommend going if you have some sort of willpower, because I don’t…

Although not discounted, there were also some really well-known restaurant and food brands to choose from which were perfect after a hard day's shopping.

News Shopper:

I went for an Itsu, which always hits the spot.

At London Designer Outlet, Style Has No Limit and that’s the name of an insightful and celebratory campaign and collection of portraits representing the diverse, dynamic and unique people of Wembley Park.

According to new research, over half of Brits (54 per cent) feel empowered more now than ever to be real, and that sparked a new culmination of storytelling on the streets of London that recognises local heroes, model citizens and the eclectic style within its community over the last 12 months.

Seeing the multicoloured bunting around the outlet really represents this, and it made it an even nicer, more inclusive and happier place to shop.

However, the research did also reveal that 73 per cent of Brits will hide their stories, talent and limited expression in fear of being judged or criticised on social media.

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With determination to change attitudes, Michelle D’vaz Plant, Head of Marketing at London Designer Outlet said: “Human connection, togetherness, and spontaneity have returned with vigour so championing local role models and empowering individuality sits at the heart of our Style Has No Limit campaign.

“It encapsulates the diversity of the guests we welcome at the centre, fusing our multicultural community with fashion attitudes.”

Changing perspectives in portraiture, A-list Dave Bennett protege Sama Kai stopped, photographed, and captured portraits of twelve Wembley faces that are expressive, exude colourful tones and communicate the “true essence of the community centre-point and its people.”

Interviews accompanying the images go deeper, exhibiting intimate storytelling, ranging from whimsical to heart-warming, the portraits and stories will form part of a new digital installation and guest-led brand campaign across London’s leading fashion outlet – which has just launched.

Below I’ll outline some of the cases, but all in all, the London Designer Outlet has loads of bargains and is promoting inclusivity – what could really be better than supporting that?!

Kojo Brefo

News Shopper: Kojo BrefoKojo Brefo (Image: London Designer Outlet)

As a young boy, Kojo visited Wembley to play football with his friends.

He is now a well-known figure within the Wembley Park community, working as a firefighter.

Turning his hand to multiple community projects, including running with @LDN SLCT, a running club using cultural expression through a physical narrative.

He loves to challenge himself, and one of his most recent endeavours was running the London Marathon.

Father to a 14-year-old daughter, Kojo’s prime goal in life is to be a role model for her.

Believing in the importance of celebrating talent, perspective, and confidence in who you are, he is proud of how far he has come and to be one of the faces of the LDO campaign, citing “I hope the campaign will be a lightbulb moment for people and encourage them to be bold and celebrate individuality and talent.”

Sushank Chibber and Rahul Mahle 

News Shopper: Sushank Chibber and Rahul MahleSushank Chibber and Rahul Mahle (Image: London Designer Outlet)

Sushank and Rahul are an extraordinary South-Asian gay couple who met in Wembley Park five years ago.

Since then, their relationship has been long-distance across the Atlantic, between Wembley and New York.

Although their long-distance relationship can often be a challenge, their spark is undeniable.

They believe their thick skin and supportive families are why strong today.While in Wembley together, Sushank and Rahul often visit London Designer Outlet to soak up the diversity, indulge in the wonderful variety of food and meet friends.

The community at LDO makes them feel incredibly welcome and at home, and the individuality of Wembley allows them to remain true to themselves.

Charlene Francoise

News Shopper:

Charlene Françoise is the prime example of what it means to be an ambassador for The Style Has No Limit campaign.

A career, teaching assistant, volunteer, and single mother of two, Charlene finds her freedom by expressing herself with fashion and her eclectic style.

Committing to giving back to the Wembley community, Charlene regularly uses her free time to host charity giveaways for K.O.E which stands for Kids Over Everything, providing clothes, shoes, and household items to those in need.

The goal? To create positivity in the community and put a smile on someone’s face; many of whom need essentials.

She said: "This enables us to all stay connected and reminds us to be generous and courteous of others. People of all cultures, nationalities, religions, and ages come together, and it is a heart-warming feeling having a positive impact on each other’s lives.”