“Spend the evening at Battersea Power Station and I can guarantee there’s something for everyone – it’s the next best place in London,” says Immy Share.

I’d heard of Battersea Power Station and I knew there were some good shops and restaurants there, but I didn’t realise how epic the place was until I actually went.

I got off the train and felt like I’d entered a futuristic world as I walked towards the building with the iconic four chimneys that I’d only ever seen in pictures.

I felt quite mesmerised, and weirdly starstruck by them, but I was excited to get inside and see what the infamous power station had to offer me.

I was lucky enough to be trying out the Lift 109 chimney experience, so I headed towards the area which takes you in a one-of-a-kind glass elevator ascent 109 metres up to the top of the north west chimney.

Through a carefully curated exhibition, I was able to delve into the building’s rich history, architectural significance and enduring presence in popular culture.

@immyshare Lift 109 & Glide ice skating @ Battersea Power Station 💫💫💫 @makeupby.abii #presstrip #batterseapowerstation #glideicerink #lift109 ♬ Dusk Till Dawn (Radio Edit) - ZAYN

As I headed up the lift and into the night sky, I was absolutely mesmerised by the spectacular 360-degree views of the city’s skyline.

Tower bridge sparkling, colour-covered Winter Wonderland waving and the rest of London staring back at me like I’d never seen before.

News Shopper: Lift 109 Battersea Power StationLift 109 Battersea Power Station (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

It wasn’t just a view, it was an experience, and one filled with history, intellect, entertainment and the wow-factor.

Our city is a special one, and to see it inside one of its landmarks from above is something spectacular.

@immyshare The BEST views in London of London 😍 can you spot #winterwonderland ?! #lift109 #batterseapowerstation #viewpoint #londonskyline #londonsky #londonview @makeupby.abi #presstrip ♬ Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP 🤍🇲🇺

After I came back down to earth, quite literally, I headed to Glide which is Battersea Power Station’s Christmas ice rink sponsored by Jo Malone.

News Shopper: GlideGlide (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

Granted, I might not be ready for Dancing On Ice just yet, but the feel-good music, festive feel and huge glistening Christmas tree in the middle of the rink was enough to make me feel like a professional.

News Shopper: Ice skatingIce skating (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

The rink is sandwiched by the centre itself and some lovely street food stalls sitting along the River Thames.

It felt like I was on a little holiday, it felt like such a treat, and something which I want to do again and again.

I finished off my evening with a trip to one of Battersea Power Station’s newly opened bars – Control Room B.

News Shopper: Control Room BControl Room B (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

Notably I chose to drink the alcohol after the ice skating, not before.

Feeding out into the shopping centre, the bar allowed me to experience life in the original bustling Control Room.

News Shopper: Gas Room cocktails at Control Room BGas Room cocktails at Control Room B (Image: Immy Share, Newsquest)

I chose the ‘Gas Wash’ and ‘Live Wire’ cocktails and they were top notch.

Topically named, perfectly tasty, and drunk in a bar with a great atmosphere.

News Shopper:

It was busy, vibey, and I’d definitely say it’s one of London’s coolest new places to drink and have a good time.

All in all, Battersea Power Station gave me an evening of activity, history, fun and alcohol and there’s not much more I’d ever want to add.

I’ll definitely be going back to explore its many other offerings.

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