INFECTIONS are on the rise again, as the latest coronavirus data has revealed.

Figures show 40,000 daily cases are recorded in the UK for the fourth day in a row.

324 (86 per cent) local areas out of the 377 have seen a week-on-week rise in rates, where only 52 (14 per cent) of them have seen a fall, and one local area was unchanged.

In south east London, Bromley recorded the highest rate of new cases of 1250.

The figures reveal the last seven days to November 15, where data for the most recent four days (November 16-19) are excluded for accuracy.

This data is then compared to the rate of new cases in the seven days to November 8.

The numbers are based on the people who have tested positive for Covid 19 in a laboratory reported or rapid lateral flow test, by specimen date.

The rate is expressed as the number of new cases per 100,000 people.


In Bexley, the case rate has risen from 276.8 (690 cases) to 338.5 (844 cases).


The case rate in Greenwich has also risen from 200.0 (578) to 247.7 (716 cases)


In Lewisham, an increase is also indicted from 195.5 (597 cases) to 241.4 (737 cases)


The case rate in Dartford has also a slight increased from 377.0 (430 cases) to 384.9 (439 cases).


In Southwark, the case rate increased from 177.2 (567 cases) to 218.4 (699 cases).

United Kingdom

Torridge in Devon has the highest rate in the UK, with 642 new cases in the seven days to November 15 – the equivalent of 934.2 per 100,000 people.

This is up from 483.1 in the seven days to November 8.

Mid Ulster in Northern Ireland has the second highest rate, up from 428.3 to 819.7, with 1,221 new cases.

Causeway Coast & Glens, also in Northern Ireland, has the third highest rate, up from 510.5 to 812.0, with 1,177 new cases.

Gwynedd has the highest rate in Wales (764.6) and Moray has the highest rate in Scotland (585.1).

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The list has been calculated by the PA news agency using data published on November 19 on the Government’s coronavirus dashboard.