NEW figures show how many children have received the coronavirus vaccine in Bexley.

Children aged between 12 to 15 are only being offered the Pfizer-BioNTech jab.

According to the Government's coronavirus data, 23.2 per cent of children in Bexley have received their first dose.

Vaccination services are visiting schools within the area during this month.

Health Minister, Sajid Javid, announced on Twitter that now over one million Covid jabs have been administered to the age group within England.

Bexley council is urging parents to take the opportunity to vaccinate their children.

According to the council’s website, director of Bexley’s Public Health, Dr Anjan Gosh mentioned that it is important for schools to rollout the vaccine. He said the vaccine is a ‘useful tool’ in reducing school disruption.

He also added: “It will also help protect our hospitals, vulnerable young people and adults by hindering the spread of the virus.”

Additional vaccine clinics are available at civic offices in Bexleyheath on the 20th and 21st of November and December 4 from 9am to 3pm.

A dose of the vaccine has been available to the group since September 20 after approval from the World Health Organisation.

A total of 782 people had a confirmed positive test result in Bexley between 8th and 14th November.

This shows an increase of 9.5 per cent compared to the previous 7 days.

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The figures have been collected from data published on the Government’s coronavirus website.