NHS England data has revealed the latest estimates for Covid vaccinations borough by borough, and two in south east London are battling it out at the top.

Bexley and Bromley both boast first dose vaccination rates for people over 65 well into the nineties, with Bromley currently just poking ahead.

Their neighbours report lower vaccination numbers, with Lewisham currently among the lowest in the country, a section filled up solely by London boroughs.

The figures are based on provisional data from NHS England for vaccinations up to February 28, and use population figures from the Office for National Statistics which are the best publicly available official estimates.

The list estimates of the proportion of people aged 65 and over in England who have received a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, broken down by local authority.

In a few areas outside of the capital, the percentage is actually over 100% because population estimates will not correspond exactly to the number of people eligible for a first dose in that area.

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And Bromley has reported that a whopping total of 54,716 people, all aged 65 or over, have received their first vaccine dose. It is estimated that 94.1% of this age group have now been vaccinated.

Bexley is marginally behind with 93.9% of over 65s vaccination, with 38,461 vaccines administered.

In Greenwich, 26,695 over 65s have been given jabs, meaning 87.9% of them have been vaccinated.

Lewisham has the lowest vaccination rate for over 65s in south east London, with 82.1% after vaccinating 23,793 people from that age group.

Nearby, Croydon reports 85.3% and Dartford 93.1%.

London as a whole fares extremely badly on the list, with London boroughs making up the 15 worst local areas in England (Lewisham is at number 15).

The capital had a slow early rollout of vaccinations compared to the rest of the country, and this appears to be continuing.

Westminster reports the lowest vaccination rate for over 65s in the country at 61.6%, followed by City of London, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets.

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But Bexley Council recently received praise from the Government for their vaccination effort, dubbed the best in the region.

Locally, a number of vaccination centres and even a vaccine bus have been set up to boost jab numbers, and uptake among minority communities.