South East London has the slowest vaccination rate in the country, and has given jabs to the lowest percentage of over 80s for any region in England.

London remains lagging behind the rest of the country with its vaccine rollout, but the most recent NHS figures show that the body covering south east London has the worst vaccination rate in the country for over 80s.

The integrated care system, titled 'Our Healthier South East London', has so far vaccinated 36,651 of its 80+ population, just 60.4% as of January 24.

No other region is as low, with the next worst region also coming from London, the East London Health and Care Partnership with 63% (36,217 vaccinations).

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The North London Partners in Health and Care and the North West London Health and Care Partnership groups are reporting 66.6% and 66.0% of over 80s vaccinated.

Rounding off the capital, the South West London Health and Care Partnership is a little further ahead with 71.4%.

But the majority of the country are reporting at least 75-85% of the over 80s being vaccinated, with Gloucestershire even achieving 91.1%.

With the UK's Covid-19 vaccination programme underway since December, it was reported last month that London as a whole was behind in its rollout.

The capital had received only 10% of England's vaccinations, despite being home to 16% of the population, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was "hugely concerned."

On January 19, South East London CCG, Bexley Council and the medical director for the NHS in London all pledged to "rapidly increase" the pace of its Covid-19 jabs immediately, with a number of new centres to open up.

But it appears the region is still significantly behind, reporting the slowest uptake among elderly residents in England.

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Amongst under 80s however, the picture is slightly better. Our Healthier South East London has reported vaccinations for 92,150 the remaining population, which is higher than most.

The local health body is also closer to average for the number of 2nd doses of vaccines given out, with 12.8% of over 80s receiving their second jab. In total, 139,726 doses have been given out in south east London.

In SW London, the figure for under 80s is 87,226, whilst 14.6% of over 80s have received their second dose. In total, 138,870 doses have been given out here.

The NHS hopes to give all over-70s, elderly care home residents and staff, frontline health and social care workers and those who are “clinically extremely vulnerable” their first dose by February 15.

It originally planned to vaccinate all older care home residents and staff by January 24 but was unable to do so.

Residents are reminded by the NHS to wait to be contacted about their vaccine rather than reaching out for information, and should watch out for scams.

A spokesman for the NHS in London said back in January: "We have more than 100 vaccination sites up and running across London, including the NHS Covid-19 vaccination centre in the ExCeL London, and more are opening all the time.

"London is getting its fair share of vaccine supply for the priority groups we have to vaccinate by mid-February."

Boris Johnson has previously acknowledged that while parts of the country were doing "incredibly well" in vaccinating people it was "less good" in other areas.