Coca Cola have apologised for the aproach taken to control foxes at their Sidcup factory site, and said they are in the process of finding an alternative, more humane, control measure.

Yesterday it emerged that the company were planning a mass culling of foxes to control the fox population at their site on Cray Road.

Campaigners and local residents reacted furiously to the measures, with a 'Stop the Cull' movement sweeping across social media to stop the alleged mass shooting.

News Shopper:

In a statement yesterday, Coca Cola European Partners said that foxes, on occassion, require certain measures to keep their population under control, but following feedback these were to be placed 'on hold.'

In an updated statement today, a spokesperson for the company has said they can confirm that the practice of culling foxes has been stopped "with immediate effect."

Further to this, "we have listened to what people told us – completely understand the concerns they have raised – and are sorry if anyone has been upset by the approach we took to control foxes."

News Shopper:

"We can confirm that we have stopped the practice of culling foxes with immediate effect and will never do so again.

"We are now in the process of finding an alternative, and more humane, control measure."

Campaigners called the culling practices used "unacceptable cruelty," and had been bombarding Coca Cola with complaints.