Campaigners and local residents have reacted furiously to news that Coca Cola is planning to cull foxes at its factory site in Sidcup.

But Coca Cola have today (February 10) responded by saying they have put these control measures 'on hold' at the Sidcup site, and are now reviewing what other options are available.

Residents launched a passionate campaign this week after they uncovered plans to control the fox population at the Coca Cola European Partners Sidcup site on Cray Road.

FEB 11 UPDATE: Coca Cola apology over fox culling plan

'Stop the Cull' has been shared across social media, with some claiming that a number of foxes were to be killed on Thursday, February 10.

One protestor said the company were planning a mass shooting of foxes on the Bexley premises later this week, and called on people to phone, tweet and email Coca Cola and voice their complaints.

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They called the plans "unacceptable cruelty" on social media, adding: "This is unacceptable, especially as there will be pregnant Vixens this time of year.

"There are more humane ways of deterring Foxes such as a no kill company called Fox-A-Gone."

Another social media campaigner said: "This is sad to see that a big company like coca-cola and a local distribution centre is happy to shoot foxes.

News Shopper:

A spokesperson for Coca Cola European Partners said: “Unfortunately foxes can, on occasion, cause damage and we have found the need to keep their numbers under control at our Sidcup site.

"We have taken on board people’s feedback and understand their concerns.

"We have put these control measures on hold at our Sidcup site and we are now reviewing what other options are available.”