Welling residents living in a block of flats have been without hot water since the beginning of October and they have had enough.

Embassy Court - where the families live - is situated on top of a Tesco store in Bellegrove Road.

Numerous residents have now been in touch with News Shopper to explain how angry they are that nothing has being done.

Michael Donnelly said: "We have 64 residents, some social housing and some partly or fully owned by the resident.

"For the past two weeks, residents have not had hot water or heating in their homes.

"There are young families and elderly people that are housebound who depend on these basic services. The response to this crisis by Hyde Housing Association has been absolutely terrible."

The housing is under the management of Hyde Housing, and this isn't the first time this particular block of flats has had problems.

A year ago, News Shopper reported on a number of flats that had been flooded with raw sewage.

Mothers of young children were reportedly told they had to fix and pay for the damage the sewage had made.

This time round, residents have told us they have been without a proper source of hot water for more than a month.

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The mother of a woman who lives in Embassy Court with her husband also got in touch. She said: "Aside from the dreadful upkeep of the communal areas which have steadily got worse, the rise in maintenance charges - budgets are given and the actual costs come in literally thousands more, increasing costs even more without any explanation - the past five weeks have descended into utter farce.

"Apparently the three boilers are housed on Tesco property and only their engineers have access to them.

"Two of the three boilers are condemned. One was supposed to be replaced nearly two weeks ago - and yet my daughter is still showering in freezing water."

Martin Crane, heating operations manager for Hyde apologised for the problems residents are experiencing.

"The boiler plantroom that supplies heat to our flats at Embassy Court is owned by Tesco," he said.

"We do not maintain or have access to the plantroom. At present only one boiler is running, which is unable to meet demand, meaning that our residents only have intermittent hot water and heating.

"We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue.

"We are trying to liaise with Tesco and are offering assistance via our gas contractor, in the hope that they complete the required works as soon as possible. In the meantime we are communicating with our residents, to keep them informed of the situation.”

Tesco had not responded by the time of publishing.