Residents at a block of flats in Welling say they have had enough after having to put up with raw sewage leaking into flats, rat infestations and broken lifts.

Embassy Court in Welling High Street is run by Hyde Housing Association and holds 64 apartments, some of which are said to house very young children and severely disabled people.

Residents have been contacting News Shopper in a bid to stop the bad treatment of both building upkeep and homeowners, with issues including a rat infestation, disabled residents not able to leave because of broken lifts, sewage leaking through concrete walls, and non-regulation fire doors all having been reported.

At least three households have been evacuated from their flats because raw sewage started leaking through the walls.

Tia Maria Harris told News Shopper: “I’ve been left with nowhere to live after my property was flooded with raw sewage, this was two months ago and Hyde still haven’t done anything about it.

“I have a two and four year old living at a friend's house with me as we’ve had human waste go through the whole flat. It’s in the concrete walls, kitchen, and bathroom.”

Residents have also said the building has had problems with sewage flooding the car park, making the entire building smell vile.

A spokesman from Hyde Housing said: “We are really sorry that residents of Embassy Court were affected by an unpleasant sewage issue earlier this week. This was caused by Thames Water, who have now rectified the problem.

"Our contractors and environmental health were on site immediately and undertook a clean-up of the car park area. We are keeping all residents informed of these works and also reminding them not to flush items including oil and wet wipes down the toilet.

"We are working with contractors to fix the lift and resolve issues with access to the building as soon as possible, and apologise to residents for the delay."

However, Embassy Court residents are disgusted by the way they have been treated and some families say they are still locked out of their homes because contractors have not turned up to fix the sewage.

Resident Frances Strong added: “The most pressing issue is that of the toxic fumes, (presumably methane from the sewer), that are permeating at least 2 of the communal lobbies here. Hyde say that this is now fixed but we know that it is worse than ever.”