A Beckenham mum has praised shop and station staff in Hayes for “going the extra mile” for her daughter who is in a wheelchair.

Lauren Coombs-Organ said the “little things” and acts of kindness made all the difference for nine-year-old Amelia who needs extra help to board the train.

Amelia suffers from type 1 neurofibromatosis (NF1), a genetic condition that causes benign tumours to grow on the skin and nerve tissue.

“She has got [a tumour] on the bone of her left leg so she’s currently in the wheelchair,” Lauren explained.

In May, the mum-of-two spoke to News Shopper about her “heroic” daughter who keeps a smile on her face despite being in constant pain.

She said: "She’s our hero and puts a lot of us to shame.

"She has the funniest personality and is the kindest little thing.”

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Amelia, a pupil at St Christopher’s The Hall School, has to attend dozens of appointments at Evelina Children's Hospital in Westminster and is awaiting surgery on her tumour.

But, according to the schoolgirl's mum, the kind staff at Hayes Station and Sainsbury’s Local on Station Approach help to make her daughter’s experience as stress-free as possible.

“If we have a morning appointment, I always take her to the Sainsbury’s to buy her a croissant.

“The lady in the bakery always takes the time to talk to her. She doesn’t talk over her to talk to me – she actually talks directly to her,” Lauren told News Shopper.

She also praised another man who works in Sainsbury’s for “always giving Amelia a high five” and giving her the occasional extra pack of Disney cards.

“In the eyes of a nine-year-old, you’ve hit the jackpot,” she said.

When Amelia arrives at Hayes Station to board the train, the station staff make a fuss of her to cheer her up.

“We need assistance to get on the train as it can get busy. We always go from Hayes as it’s the start of the line and we can guarantee to get somewhere to settle – she’s a very anxious little girl,” her mum explained.

But jokes with the station staff help settle the schoolgirl’s anxiety as she gets ready to board the train.

“The man who cleans the trains always teases her and tries to take her croissant – he’ll always say, ‘thanks for bringing me breakfast’, which cheers her up.

“Then there’s the woman who does the tickets – she always gives Amelia a ticket for her teddy bear.”

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One staff member, Martin, made little Amelia’s day last week when he gave her a Red Arrows cap from the Biggin Hill Airshow.

“Her little face just lit up – she was open mouthed and didn’t know what to say.

“She thanked him and wore it for the entire journey.”

As well as the gift, Lauren praised Martin for his kindness in always helping the family when he is on shift – even staying on past the end of his shift to wait for Amelia to come back from her appointment so he can help her off the train.

“It’s just those little things that make it all more bearable. He didn’t have to do any of that,” Lauren told News Shopper.

“People are always so quick to complain, but no-one takes the time to say ‘you’ve done a really good job’.”