This month is a special time for an inspiring and thoughtful young girl from Beckenham who has a tumour in her leg.

It’s Neurofibromatosis (NF1) awareness month, and despite being more common than Cystic Fibrosis, not many people have heard of the disability.

Amelia, eight, can proudly pronounce and spell Neurofibromatosis, and lives with the extremely painful condition.

Her family is organising a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' on May 25 in Dorset Road Allotments in Beckenham as part of the Childhood Tumour Trust’s awareness campaign.

News Shopper:

The Childhood Tumour Trust supports people with Neurofibromatosis.

It's an incurable and progressive condition resulting in tumours growing in nerves around the body.

Little Amelia and her family discovered NF1 almost three years ago when an x-ray from a leg break eventually revealed a tumour.

Despite the daily pain, Amelia is as resilient as they come.

"She’s our hero and puts a lot of us to shame," mum Lauren Coombs-Organ told News Shopper. "She has the funniest personality and is the kindest little thing.

"She gets very cold with her condition, but if she thought you were cold, she would give you her scarf or jacket.

"Her first waking moment is concerned with other people, 'is mummy ok, is daddy ok or is my sister ok'."

Lauren said Amelia is in constant pain throughout the day and her daughter requires a heavy dose of painkillers.

She added: "She’s been through so much and she just cracks on and gives everything a try. She just wants to make people happy."

Many children and adults with NF1 have visible deformities, with tumours growing on the outside.

However, Amelia’s tumour is inside her left leg, meaning many don’t realise she has a disability.

Lauren spoke of her frustration of seeing others "eyeballing" her when she parks in a disabled spot and gets out of the car.

"I get the wheelchair out for Amelia and they then get sheepish," Lauren said. "It’s an invisible illness for her."

Amelia is excited for the picnic and her mum posted about the event on a local Facebook page – Beckenham Appreciation Group.

She said the response was instant and left her overwhelmed.

"It was absolutely amazing," Lauren said. "I got messages from well wishers who said 'we can’t offer anything, but we just wanted to say your daughter was great'.

"It’s nice to know people seen my post and that they know my little girl is a hero and want to help."

Beckenham businesses have offered generous donations for the picnic and its raffle, from balloons to photoshoots.

The proud mum concluded: "We've told Amelia that NF doesn't make her any different to any other child, she just does some things differently."