The body of a decapitated cat has been left "on show" in Penge just ten minutes from where a beloved pet was dumped two days ago.

According to South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), the vets have confirmed the injuries were human related.

The headless and tailless body was discovered by Laurel Grove and Ivychurch Close in Penge this morning.

Tony Jenkins, founder of SNARL, had an explosive chat with News Shopper this afternoon in response to what he believes was a human caused mutilation.

"I call him a terrorist," he said. "People are terrified of letting their cats out.

"People are petrified a head or tail will come back later. Body parts have been left outside schools, in kiddie playgrounds, in gardens with trampolines and it is causing terror to parents.

"He has thought of young children and it is terror in its purest form. Whoever does this is a terrorist and you can quote me on that."

Tony spent a "heartbreaking" three hours with a family whose cat was sliced in half and left near their home on Thicket Road on Monday.

He said the devastation these killings cause is indescribable and that the owner is "horrified".

News Shopper understands the case has already been closed by police.

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We asked Tony where he believes the investigation into hundreds of alleged pet murders since 2015 is heading.

"Some needs to catch the b****** or these killings will continue," he said. "He might have been doing it for 20 years we don’t know.

"He might feel untouchable. This is about animals and he may move on to humans. He may already have – we don’t know.

"He is unleashing a reign of terror against cat owners."

SNARL has reported that the latest Penge mutilation involves a cat with a pure white body with pink paw pads.

A statement read: "If you are missing a cat of this description, or know of someone who is missing a cat meeting this description, please contact us on the numbers below."

We understand the cat may have been killed just hours after it was discovered. Tony told News Shopper he was "surprised" the supposed killer returned to Penge so quickly.

SNARL is continuing to privately investigate what they describe as the UK Animal Killer despite the Met closing the cast last year.