The lower body of a cat was discovered in Penge this morning marking another horrific animal finding in south London.

We understand the cat was missing for two days before it was found on Thicket Road in Penge.

Half of its body was cut off, including the tail, and it was reported to South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) earlier.

"I suspect the cat was nabbed, taken away, worked on and quietly dropped off earlier this morning," Tony Jenkins, of SNARL, told News Shopper.

"Sometimes cats are missing several days or weeks. We had one missing for six weeks which was clearly cut in half.

"It was then placed 50 metres from where he lived."

That incident was two years ago, and the latest alleged human caused murder has prompted a devastated owner to encourage people to keep their cats safely indoors.

Tony visited the vet's earlier and examined the body, describing the findings as "not pleasant".

SNARL attended the scene and Tony said he would be revisiting the area this evening.

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Cat’s head found 'upright' in an alleyway in Beckenham

News Shopper spoke to the woman who initially found the cat near her home.

"I came out of my house on the way to the station and noticed something lying half out from under a car and at first I couldn't tell what it was," she began.

"I could just see legs and the spinal column and then I looked again and I could see paws.

"There was only the lower body and spinal left - it was awful."

The concerned woman, who did not want to be named, called the owner who confirmed it was her missing cat.

"The guy [responsible] is still not gone as we thought he was, so people need to know," she added.

Mr Jenkins said the usual mark of the so-called UK Animal Killer was to cut off a cat's head or tail but that cutting the body in half was not uncommon.

Tony said: "I went to Epsom about ten days ago and it was almost identical to this one. It is more common for heads and tails but sometimes we find half a cat – we have had a few similar ones."

The SNARL founder also said it has been a "quiet" couple of months, but that more murders have been reported ever since kids have returned to school.

"Everyone has a holiday from time to time," he added.

SNARL has been privately investigating the so-called Croydon Cat Killer in recent years since the case was closed by the Met late last year.