An exhausted dog is recovering at home after a freak accident left her with a perforated chest and broken ribs.

Monika Ka, 35, was walking with her three Whippets by the woods in Bromley Common when little Pippa ran off as she usually does.

"She normally comes back within a few minutes," Monika told News Shopper. "She is a wild dog and just loves to run so I bring her to a safe location."

However, the two-year-old dog was limping and was covered in blood when she struggled to walk back to her owner.

Monika, who had just completed a first aid course for dogs, said her "heart was in her mouth".

She gathered her thoughts, covered the 5cm chest wound between the front of Pippa's legs and returned to the car with the three dogs.

The 20cm deep cut, believed to be sustained by falling onto a sharp twig or branch, was too complicated to fix in her local vets and it was arranged to take Pippa to Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals once she was safe to travel.

On Sunday, August 4, hours after the accident, Pippa had specialist chest reconstruction.

The operation was successful and after a few days in intensive care Pippa returned home to continue her recovery.

Monika became a single mum last year and cancelled her pet insurance weeks before Pippa’s injuries.

"I feel so stupid," she said. "With rent and all living costs, it’s just so expensive and I thought of what I can save on during the summer holidays.

"I thought nothing could happen in the next two months and my pet insurance was valid until July 16.

"Everyone has said to me that this is always the way it happens, and I feel sick.

"Amazingly friends of friends have been great, and I have such a lovely community around me – I’m so lucky."

Monika, who has lived in Hayes for 14 years and is originally from Poland, must now pay £6,000 for the surgery.

Her JustGiving page has so far inspired over £1,100 in donations and Monika said she was grateful for the support.

Pippa was born in Monika’s home and her owner said she was “so happy” to have her believed pet back from ICU.

It is still unclear whether Pippa will fully recover after debris was found deep inside her chest - leaving infections still possible.

She is now on antibiotics and she will be accessed in two weeks when stitches are removed.

News Shopper contacted Monika after spotting her fundraiser online.

Monika concluded: "I don't expect anything from people but any little bit will make it easier for me to get out of this financial difficulty."

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