A "little soldier" rabbit will live to fight another day after its leg was amputated to stop a rare and aggressive cancer spreading.

Jacqueline Farmaner, 40, is a rabbit lover and thanked Bromley Common Vets for prolonging her pet Bobby’s life.

Bobby the bunny is six-year-old, and his owner, who lives in Bromley, collected him from Greenwich Rescue shortly after he was born.

"I’m a devoted rabbit lover," Jacqueline told News Shopper. "I just adore them and have had them since I was a little girl.

"They are just so naughty and independent, and I have three others and they all have their little personalities.

"Bobby loves bare feet so if you walk around at home he will come up and sit on your feet, he loves it."

Concerned Jacqueline took Bobby to the vet on Wednesday, August 31, after spotting an unusual mark on his front leg.

An aggressive tumour was discovered just in time, and it was decided an operation was necessary to avoid the cancer spreading.

Bromley Common Vets told News Shopper the type of cancer Bobby had was "very rare".

"He could have been put to sleep or I could have brought him home with painkillers," Jacqueline said.

However, surgery was decided, and Jacqueline has thanked Patrick Dooley and his team for saving Bobby.

"I am ever so grateful," she said. "They were just amazing. Patrick was absolutely brilliant.

"He said it was only the second case he has ever seen and the first one didn’t survive."

Bobby is still being treated and is on morphine but has responded well to surgery.

The vets told News Shopper Bobby was doing "really well" post-operation and Jacqueline hopes to have him home on Friday.

"I’m going to have balloons and a cake," she laughed.

Jacqueline added: "He was a healthy bunny going into it and that was what pulled him through.

"I want everyone to think about him. How often do you hear about a bunny being amputated?"

She has contacted the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to praise Bromley Common Vets.

You can follow Bobby’s progress on Instagram via @jakki_bunnie

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