Concerned Bromley headteachers have banded together to write to parents over significant concerns with schools funding.

More than a dozen secondary heads sent the letter home yesterday outlining worries over a lack of investment, budget cuts and classroom sizes.

According to the letter, heads “felt it necessary to demonstrate that these issues are not unique to any one school”.

In a series of bullet points, the school leaders outlined 10 issues that are currently causing concern.

Heads said they are struggling to find and keep teachers willing to put up with the workload, and that there is a growing need for schools to provide emotional support for kids without the right resources.

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Investment in school buildings is lacking, larger class sizes are impacting what schools can offer, and there is a general uncertainty over funding in the future.

Funding is a huge problem across the country, with budgets being reduced by an average of eight per cent in real terms, with cuts of 20 per cent in funding for sixth forms.

The letter said: “As we commit to the campaign for improved levels of funding for our schools and pupils, we feel fortunate that we are so strongly supported by parent and carers.

“We know that a number of parents have made representations to their local MP, to the Department for Education and wider government.”

The move to spell out these concerns in a joint letter was described as “unprecedented” by headteachers.

A spokesman for Bromley Secondary Headteachers’ Association said: “The letter highlights the challenges that current school funding is having on maintaining provision and meeting the needs of our children and young people.

“School leaders remain committed to providing the best education, care, support and guidance to our students whilst continuing to campaign for improved school funding.”

It comes following a campaign earlier this year orchestrated by Worth Less? Where 7,000 headteachers wrote to parents criticising Damien Hinds, the education secretary.

Bromley and Chislehurst MP Bob Neill told the local democracy service that schools in the borough deserve fairer funding.

He said: “Despite more money going into our schools than ever before, I am very conscious that there remain real pressures across our education system.

“Some of those are particularly hard felt in outer London boroughs like Bromley, a problem I have persistently pressed the Government on. That includes in debates I have led in the House of Commons, as well as in meetings with the Department for Education.

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“Earlier this year I was pleased to facilitate a meeting between local headteachers and the Schools Minister, Nick Gibb. We have some fantastic schools in Bromley, but we need to level the playing field to secure a fairer funding settlement for our excellent pupils and teachers. That is a campaign I remain absolutely committed to.”

The need for more cash is also recognised at Bromley Council, with cabinet member for education, Peter Fortune, adding: “This April we visited Parliament, along with our academy head teacher partners about the mounting pressures on local school budgets.

“We will continue to work closely with school leaders to make the case for fairer funding for Bromley.”

The Department for Education has said previously that school funding is at its “highest ever level, rising from almost £4bn in 2017 to £43bn by 2020.”