Exhausted homeowners in a Bromley tower block wrapped in flammable cladding say they are “in the dark” over the future, despite government pledges to fund vital work.

Residents living in Northpoint House, in Sherman Road, have been ill with stress as they campaign to have their building made safe.

The 10-storey block is filled with homes that residents say are worthless, many having been bought with life savings.

A survey of tower block residents shows a worrying trend of two in ten having suicidal thoughts, with many others suffering from depression and anxiety.

Earlier this year, the government announced funding to remove flammable ACM lining, however Northpoint residents say they are unsure whether their building will qualify as it has a mix of claddings.

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University administrator Rituparna Saha, 43, said the saga – which has rumbled on for months – is taking its toll on homeowners’ mental health as they await more information on how this money will be distributed.

Mrs Saha, who gave up her Christmas Day last year to do a waking watch shift, said: “We are in the dark as to whether the fund covers and if so how much.

“We are completely clueless – they are looking at applications on a case by case basis. We are nowhere nearer funding out what will happen. The nightmare is far from over.”

A building blighted with fire safety problems, residents have paid £120k to replace the alarm system and get compulsory “waking watch” wardens lifted by the fire brigade.

The building now needs at least one person available at all times to check for danger – a job currently being filled by neighbours or expensive agency staff.

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“I have to sleep with a pager by my head so if it sounds its linked to the alarm system and I can jump up and investigate”, Mrs Saha said.

“It’s this nightmare system that isn’t going away. I don’t anticipate it going away within two years.

“We are completely exhausted. The people who used to do the watch are absolutely at the end of their tether.

“We have done this for so many months – we have the fire alarm that the brigade wants. We are still trapped, we still have to volunteer, we have the pagers.

“We did a survey a few months ago of people in similar blocks to ours and how it had affected their mental health – we had more than 80 per cent of people say that their mental health was significantly worse. More than 10 per cent having suicidal thoughts.

“The mental health is a serious issue. The longer it progresses the worse it is getting.”

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MP Bob Neill has raised Northpoint’s case in parliament – including directly to outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May – several times.

The MP said: “Whilst I welcome the Government’s announcement in May that it will be making around £200 million available to overhaul dangerous ACM cladding on privately owned residential tower blocks, clarity on the scope of the fund and its eligibility criteria are now urgently required to provide long-suffering residents with some peace of mind.

“These are questions I have and will continue to press the Government on. As I have said before, this problem isn’t going away. I will continue to fight for the innocent residents of Northpoint until a resolution is found.”

It is undersood that application guidance will be published shortly.

A Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government spokesman told the LDR service: “We are aware of residents’ concerns and continue to work with local authorities and building owners to ensure high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding are identified and work is completed as quickly as possible.

“We recognise the stress that living in a building with unsafe cladding is causing to some residents, who are suffering through no fault of their own.

“The priority must be for building owners to remove and replace unsafe cladding to ensure people are safe in their homes in the long term – supported by government funding of £600m.”