Plans to renovate an old post office in Swanley into a "Christian place of worship" have been met with fierce opposition from concerned residents.

An application to convert the disused post office in London Road was submitted to the council last month by CFAO (Christian Family Assembly Outreach), a community group which, according to its planning statement, is welcoming to "Christians and non-Christians" and allows for "God to meet them wherever they are on the spiritual journey."

If approved, the proposal would see the group expand its operations into Swanley from its base in Lee Green as it seeks to provide a number of community services outside of worship, including youth workshops, parent and toddler groups and women's groups.

According to council documents, the group claims its current hub is set to be renovated which would "likely to result in the discontinuation of many of the community services currently provided by CFAO in the area".

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However, a number of nearby residents have lodged strong objections to the proposal, many of which cite an over-saturation of religious facilities within the town.

In her objection, Claire Elliot, of the Whitecroft area, noted there are already two churches, one by Swanley Library and another in Bartholomew Way, both of which are in close proximity of the proposed CFAO facility.

She wrote: "There are plenty of places of worship in the area that can be attended by everybody!

"Use the space for our community to benefit a wider demographic."

Parking was also a concern for Ms Elliot, which was echoed in other objections.

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Caroline Kirby, of Barnfield Close, stated in her notice of objection that she "dreads" a heavy traffic situation on Sundays as people tend to do their weekly shop in the nearby supermarket.

She wrote: "I've also experienced the traffic problems in Dartford around a similar community church and I think the position of the old post office makes this potentially a worse problem for increased traffic, dropping off passengers etc for people travelling from outside of the immediate area."

The application is still pending a decision from Sevenoaks Council.