Plans to demolish parts of North Kent College to build more than 150 homes and a new education centre are set for council approval next week.

Property developer Bellway Homes aims to tear down a number of vacant buildings on the western side of the campus and redevelop others to create 156 new homes, including 65 houses and the remainder in apartments.

The works also include demolishing parts of Kingsfield Mansion, a Victorian-era house which was converted into the Bergman-Österberg Physical Training College by Martina Bergman Österberg in 1895.

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The College's new two-and-a-half-storey academic building, which will be primarily used by students studying performance arts and digital design, is also set to be approved at next week's council meeting. According to council documents, the new centre is to be funded entirely through the sale of the western site of the campus to Bellway and will contain three dance studios, a musical theatre, a refectory, a rehearsal room and a venue space, among other academic facilities.

However, although the new development would see new homes introduced to the area and updated academic facilities, the project has created mixed feelings among residents as the applications have received a number of objections, as well as supporting statements.

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According to his objection letter, John Strachan, of Broad Lane, Wilmington, feels new homes will only add more pressure to already stretched services such as GPs and schools, stating that "a great deal of housing is already planned for in the Dartford area" and that there is "no need for further development to meet housing needs."

Annabelle Welch, of Monks Orchard, Wilmington, noted the demolition works to Kingsfield Mansion would "completely change the character of the area" and that although the vacant buildings could be used for housing, they lie on greenbelt land and "should not be built upon".

Both applications are set to be approved at a meeting of the council's development control board on Thursday, February 14.