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Are vets being cruel or is this kindness in another form?

Flushing kittens down the loo, coughing on trains and Paris under attack - must be 5 Thoughts

We need a sensible solution to the migrant problem

Colouring books for grown ups, fags in cars, migrants, mobile tracking and bags - must be 5 Thoughts

Why was there one rule for teacher Jeremy Forrest and another rule for babysitter Jade Hatt?

OPINION: Why was teacher who had sex with pupil jailed but babysitter who had sex with boy spared prison?

Five minutes ago I had a ticket to the England v Australia game - not now!

Teflon-coated bankers, casino win, England Australia rugby ticket and put the heating on - must be 5 Thoughts

Diego Costa the scumbag

Jehovah's Witnesses, chuggers, Diego Costa, colds and cash - it must be 5 Thoughts

CCTV in the toilet - fair enough or an invasion of privacy?

CCTV in toilets, deckchairs, pipe smoking and betting shops - It must be Andy Parkes' 5 Thoughts

Can you really keep spiders away with conkers? Or is it just bonkers?

Spiders are conker bonkers, there's no such thing as free gifts and assisted dying - it must be 5 Thoughts

Getting drugs from the nanny state is getting tougher

Five thoughts: Restaurant queues, Blakey, tablets from the nanny state and yummy mummies

There's nothing more natural or beautiful than breastfeeding

Wasps, breasts, premier league football, topless men and HMRC - it must be 5 Thoughts

Why should I have to pay for Greek excesses?

It's all Greek to me, but why should I pay for them? 5 Thoughts

Drone downed by an angry crow

5 Thoughts - Crow 1 drone 0, fruit will make you explode, map reading, mayflies and gits on trains

Men who lactate are on the increase.

5 Thoughts - Men lactating, smashing the kettle, messy travellers and why being a family man isn't the be all and end all

The 'diversity' officer who wants to 'kill all white men

Rabbit awareness, Shopper Gold, "Kill all white men", bluebells and a great magazine - it must be 5 Thoughts

Come on Paddy, it's time to eat your hat,

5 Thoughts - Paying for water? Trendy bikes, joys of children, Tory power and feeling gloomy - work harder

Paul McCartney - please just stop singing now, you sound awful.

5 Thoughts from editor Andy Parkes - fat man, spare tyres, Macca, the election and 50 great years

When will the courts start organising themselves properly and stop wasting our money?

5 Thoughts - wasps are women, lousy UKIP odds, stupid school run parents, time-wasting courts and bendy flowers

Can we blame Phil Mitchell for the state of pub gardens?

5 Thoughts for the weekend, from a man's perspective

Prime Minister Boris Johnson - well, they do say anything's possible.

5 Thoughts from Andy Parkes: The humble pencil, big bad Boris, Sikhs, wasps and dangerous prams

Road to Parliament blog: Interesting, honest and polite - hustings are a far cry from TV debates

Road to Parliament blog: Interesting, honest and polite - hustings are a far cry from TV debates

How many flags is too many?

Backing a winner, lucky old people, M25 football and the wrong flagpole

Biggin Hill is due to expand its flight operations

Disgusted by Bromley Council u-turn on Biggin Hill Airport

Consider who else can hear swearing

Why can't some women and girls have a conversation without swearing?

Let's stop messing about with the clocks and stick to British Summertime

Clocks, dodgy washing machines, unsafe ice cream and a great pint of News Shopper

One in six roads is still in poor condition despite more potholes being filled in

'1 in 6 roads in poor condition' - where are the worst potholes in SE London and north Kent?

Scots are the friendliest, Welsh the shyest and Londoners the least welcoming people according to a study

People in London are 'uncooperative, quarrelsome and irritable' - do you agree, grumpy?

Women, does being up high give you a funny feeling down below?

5 Thoughts: Dogs on Prozac, CCTV in public toilets, 'kick a ginger day' and more

POLL: Would you break the law for your child?

POLL: Would you knowingly break the law for your child?

Urban foxes are very used to humans

Foxes showing less fear, as attack on chickens shows

Councillor Gareth Bacon comes under further criticism

Four jobs at same time is too many for Bexley councillor

Impact of Biggin Hill Airport proposed airport expansion questioned

Impact of Biggin Hill Airport proposed airport expansion questioned

The British Library has our editor’s stamp of approval

5 Thoughts: Are men being turned into women and are women's boobs getting bigger?

Peter Fortune has had his first regret of the election campaign

Road to Parliament blog: Regrets? I've had just one so far

Passengers have repeatedly been hit by delays at London Bridge

After more rush-hour chaos, how would you describe London Bridge station?

POLL: National minimum wage set to rise - by 20p

POLL: National minimum wage set to rise - by 20p

Is restricted parking 'suffocating' Depttford market?

Unfair treatment: Deptford market being undermined by Lewisham Council actions

Should Bexley Council reverse its decision on the Danson Festival?

Bring back Danson Festival, or lose votes

Has shine come off our cricket?

5 Thoughts: Shaming dangerous van driver, shooting at cats, crap cricket and more

Kayla the eagle, mascot of Crystal Palace FC, is one of the best known creatures at Eagle Heights

Less could mean more for future of Eagle Heights wildlife park

More air traffic could mean more prosperity for Biggin Hill

Proposal to expand Biggin Hill Airport means opportunity

Rugby stays top of the list

5 Thoughts: Old people sex, miserable young gits, worst English sports team and more

Peter Fortune loves going door-to-door. No, he really does. Honest

Road to Parliament: Trust me (I'm a politician) when I say I really do love meeting voters

Kym Marsh is resisting chocolate for heart research

Coronation Street star Kym Marsh says skip chocolate for British Heart Foundation

The News Shopper’s front page of February 11

Appalled Bexley Council is considering sell-off of 27 open spaces

How crowded will trains be if the Bakerloo line of the Tube is extended to Bromley?

Bakerloo extension to Hayes will be crowded

Prince George will soon be getting a baby brother or sister soon but who cares?

5 Thoughts: World's first 150-year-old, next royal baby and America's weird ways

Parents are forced to spend hundreds of pounds a year just on school uniform

RIP-OFF REVEALED? See how much parents are forking out just on school uniforms

5 thoughts: driverless cars, sex cinemas and pointless vitamins

5 thoughts: driverless cars, sex cinemas and pointless vitamins

5 Thoughts: Muhammad, a Roger Moore waxwork and finding the Queen sexy

5 Thoughts: Muhammad, a Roger Moore waxwork and finding the Queen sexy

The Cambridge Guided Busway at Longstanton - could running express coaches on rail routes improve transport in London?

The answer to London's travel woes? Busways 'could cut fares by 40%'

Peter Fortune is standing for parliament at the 2015 general election

Feel free to say nasty things about politics, my party or my pointless hair


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