Curious dog discovers stolen Pocahontas statue's feather on Gravesend Promenade

News Shopper: Dog discovers Pocahontas statue's feather in sand

3:23pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

The feather from the Pocahontas statue was discovered by a dog on Gravesend promenade at the weekend.

Penalties, deadly diseases, Jose Mourinho and James Milner: 10 reasons why England WILL win the World Cup in Brazil

News Shopper: INJURED: Wayne Rooney

9:41am Sunday 20th April 2014

The wait is nearly over. Just over 50 days remain until the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Here, News Shopper brings you 10 reasons why England CAN and WILL win the World Cup.

Tributes pour in for 'inspirational' topless Petts Wood 'Running Man' who has died

News Shopper: Tributes pour in following death of 'inspirational' topless Petts Wood 'Running Man'

1:04pm Saturday 19th April 2014

A much loved Petts Wood pensioner famed for his daily topless runs through Petts Wood and Orpington has passed away.

PICTURED: Rise of the super-rat? Some facts about the 'mutant' rodents

News Shopper: Is this a super rat? Photo by Sé Mckendry.

12:37pm Thursday 17th April 2014

Could a plague of over-sized rodents be sweeping the country or is it a different nature of beast altogether - a load of media hype?

UPDATE: Is the giant rat reported in Gravesend actually a rat?

News Shopper: PICTURED: Giant rat reported in Gravesend

10:50am Wednesday 16th April 2014

A massive rat which was reported in Gravesend yesterday (April 15) sparked debate throughout the borough.

Are you rubbish in bed or just boring? Top 10 reasons people get dumped by their partners

News Shopper: Top 10 reasons people get dumped by their partners

6:00am Wednesday 16th April 2014

April has been a terrible month for celebrity relationships with Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Mr Bean all ending their long-term romances. Has the recent sunny weather lead to more roaming eyes? Or do people just want to be single for their seven-day trip to Ibiza?

Thamesmead transgender woman 'gutted' after lodger nicks her lingerie

News Shopper: Roxanne just wants her corsets back.

2:06pm Monday 14th April 2014

A retired transgender security guard from Thamesmead has been left "gutted" after her lodger made off with three of her corsets.

VIDEO: YouTube musical tribute to missing Eltham dog

News Shopper: VIDEO: YouTube musical tribute to missing Eltham dog

3:45pm Friday 11th April 2014

A distraught Eltham dog owner has made a heart-wrenching video about her lost dog that has racked up hundreds of YouTube hits.

Mutant three-legged chicken marauds through Leegate shopping centre

News Shopper: Mutant three-legged chicken marauds through Leegate shopping centre

9:04am Friday 11th April 2014

A three-legged mutant chicken is on the loose at a Lee shopping centre to inject new life into the precinct.

MORE PICS: Killer catfish feasting on wildlife in Petts Wood

News Shopper: Philip Webb and wife Trisha with the catfish

9:28am Monday 7th April 2014

A killer catfish has eaten around 70 of a Petts Wood couple's goldfish after slithering into their garden pond.

UPDATE: Police dog 'sits' on suspect's face after Eltham police chase

News Shopper: Police dog sits on suspect's face after Eltham 'police chase'

1:05pm Saturday 5th April 2014

A "car chase" in Eltham ended with a "police dog sat" on the suspect's face.

UPDATE: Yet more claim to have seen UFO over Bromley

News Shopper:

4:32pm Thursday 3rd April 2014

A number of people have got in touch with News Shopper claiming to have seen a UFO flying over Bromley last week.

Desert dust mites to invade south-east London and north Kent

News Shopper: 10 things you didn't know about cockroaches... and you'll eat one today

7:00am Tuesday 1st April 2014

Un-seasonally windy weather across the African sub-continent is threatening to cause havoc across the world.

Greenwich could get world's first moon clock, powered by the tides

News Shopper: Greenwich could get world's first moon clock, powered by the tides

4:56pm Tuesday 25th March 2014

Greenwich, the home of time, could be about to get a world's first - a lunar clock powered by the tides.

Bromley woman who is 'god of alien race' was 'engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century'

News Shopper: Bromley woman who is 'god of alien race' was 'engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century'

4:15pm Friday 21st March 2014

A Bromley woman who is “god of an alien race” claims she was engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century, when she was Joan of Arc and he was the heir to the French throne.

Shark fin spotted at West Wickham flood lakes where ducks had made a peaceful home

News Shopper: A shark has been spotted in West Wickham

9:58am Friday 14th March 2014

A shark fin has appeared in the lakes at West Wickham and could soon spoil the ducks’ bath time.

PICTURED: The Muppets pop up in Greenwich for new Disney movie

News Shopper: Kermit, Miss Piggy and the colourful muppet gang in front of Greenwich's Painted Hall. Picture courtesy of Jay Maidment, 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc

10:43am Tuesday 11th March 2014

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the colourful Muppet gang popped up in Greenwich to shoot scenes for their new movie.

Dozens of rubber ducks appear on flooded West Wickham rugby pitch for bath time

News Shopper: Quack

4:20pm Monday 10th March 2014

It could well be bath time in West Wickham as a quackers individual has let dozens of rubber ducks loose on a flooded rugby pitch.

Udder madness? 'Secret' proposal to use Lewisham's largest park to graze cows

News Shopper: Down to Earth Farm

4:05pm Friday 7th March 2014

"Hush hush" proposals to put grazing cows in a popular park and golf course are complete and udder madness, users say.

Orpington woman thinks she has oldest cockatiel in the world in Guinness World Record claim

News Shopper: Freda Miah with Pia

11:37am Friday 7th March 2014

AN ORPINGTON woman believes her pet bird is the oldest in the world.

PICTURED: Worst picnic ever? Sit down meal in Greenwich CAR park

News Shopper: The wrong park? Eaters wave for the camera (by @carparkwatch)

3:57pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

Is this the worst picnic ever? The sun coming out spurred this group into having a sit down meal - in a Greenwich car park.

VIDEO: Lewisham family of UFO buffs spot 'intelligently-controlled' craft heading towards Kent

News Shopper: Andrew Burlington with dad Les

11:31am Monday 3rd March 2014

A Lewisham family of UFO buffs are looking for other witnesses to an "intelligently-controlled" triangular object which flew over their house towards Kent.

Vandals paint West Kingsdown postbox gold in honour of Lizzy Yarnold

News Shopper: The gold postbox.

9:41am Friday 21st February 2014

VANDALS have painted a postbox gold in Winter Olympics champion Lizzy Yarnold's home village of West Kingsdown after the Royal Mail snubbed the idea.

Gravesend man praised for downing dead mice in Neknomination craze

News Shopper:

3:19pm Tuesday 11th February 2014

A GRAVESEND man has been praised online for posting a video of himself downing dead mice in dangerous new drinking craze Neknomination.

Bromley woman's Valentine's Day eBay auction closes with mystery bidder promising over £600

News Shopper: Bromley woman's Valentine's Day eBay auction closes with mystery bidder promising over £600

10:27am Tuesday 11th February 2014

A BROMLEY woman’s auction of love ended this morning with a mystery bidder pledging £621 to share a romantic evening with the sweetheart.

Could this Catford Sedgehill lab assistant blast into space and colonise Mars?

News Shopper: Christine Rigby (pic by Sedgehill student Courtney McMahon)

1:56pm Monday 10th February 2014

MEET Earth's representative on Mars - a school lab assistant who could be blasted into space to become one of the first humans to live on the red planet.

Supermarket swoop: Customers duck for cover as cake-craving Thamesmead bird flies around inside Morrisons

News Shopper: The Morrisons bird

3:15pm Friday 7th February 2014

A THAMESMEAD bird has been causing panic in the aisles of Morrisons by swooping around the store.

Single Bromley woman auctions herself on eBay to find Valentine's Day dinner date

News Shopper: Bid for a romantic meal with Bromley lass this Valentine's Day

11:53am Thursday 30th January 2014

A SINGLE Bromley lass is inviting hunky men to bid for her company on Valentine's Day.

Abbey Wood commuter with £0 parking ticket gets chased up for non-existent fine

News Shopper: Josh Woodley was fined £0 despite having paid to park

11:18am Tuesday 28th January 2014

A BEMUSED Abbey Wood commuter was wrongly slapped with a £0 parking ticket - then chased up for the non-existent fine weeks later.

VIDEO: Foxes caught on camera in Dartford shredding four car tyres

News Shopper: One of the foxes moves in for another bite.

2:19pm Monday 16th December 2013

A DARTFORD home security specialist woke up one morning to find the tyres on his car had all been shredded – by a mischievous band of foxes.

Five-fingered Welling cat gives family paws for thought after seven months on the run

News Shopper: Five-fingered cat reunited with family after seven months on the run

3:57pm Tuesday 10th December 2013

A FIVE-FINGERED cat has been returned to her family in Welling after going on the prowl for seven months.

Crystal Palace to stay up, aliens tell Bromley woman who 'used to be Joan of Arc'

News Shopper: Stephany Cohen says aliens known as Grays have indicated Crystal Palace will avoid relegation.

7:00am Friday 29th November 2013

A BROMLEY spiritual healer who claims she used to be Joan of Arc says aliens have told her Crystal Palace will stay in the Premier League.

Doctor Who's adventures in time and space: Where would you go in the Tardis?

News Shopper: Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

6:30am Wednesday 27th November 2013

DOCTOR Who’s 50th anniversary special aired last weekend, marking half a century since viewers first joined the Time Lord on his adventures.

UPDATE: Hewitts Roundabout runaway pig has been returned to animal sanctuary

News Shopper: A pig is on the loose in Sevenoaks Road

2:20pm Thursday 21st November 2013

A PIG which was on the loose near Hewitts Roundabout after thieves stole an animal sanctuary's wire fence has been returned to its home.

Do ghosts exist? Could spirits be real or is all paranormal activity make-believe?

News Shopper: BECKENHAM: Dog walker spots 'ghost' in park

6:30am Tuesday 19th November 2013

SINCE nobody has ever proved decisively that ghosts exist they must be make-believe, right?

Sidcup mum gets hump after mistakenly buying Camel Balls for her kids

News Shopper: Sidcup mum feels taken for a ride after mistakenly buying Camel Balls for her kids

5:50am Friday 15th November 2013

A SIDCUP mum has got the hump after discovering the 10p sweets she had bought for her kids were “disgusting” Camel Balls.

Trick-or-treating Orpington youngsters handed real lamb's heart on Halloween

News Shopper: The lamb's heart was handed to the youngsters in Orpington last night.

2:40pm Friday 1st November 2013

A GROUP of trick-or-treating youngsters were handed a lamb's heart by a woman in a bloodied butcher's apron brandishing a fake knife who chased them down the street.

VIDEO: Zombies taking over Woolwich

News Shopper: REG SINGLE Zumba-loving zombies sought

9:46am Thursday 31st October 2013

ZOMBIES are taking over Woolwich this week.

Bike-riding raccoon owner hits back at critics after Pet Expo at Bluewater

News Shopper: Melanie the raccoon performing at Bluewater shopping centre

5:17pm Tuesday 29th October 2013

Melanie the raccoon's performance at the Pet Expo held at Bluewater prompted an animal rights row and fury on social media.

Melanie the raccoon's performance at Bluewater prompts social media and RSPCA backlash

News Shopper: Melanie the raccoon performing at Bluewater shopping centre

11:22am Tuesday 29th October 2013

Melanie the raccoon auditioned in front of Simon Cowell on this year's Britain's Got Talent but failed to dazzle visitors at the Pet Expo at Bluewater shopping centre.

VIDEO: London's most haunted? Woolwich Arsenal home to 'more than 50 ghosts'

News Shopper: Sinister: Richard Smith-Gore with one of the Building 41's favourite kettle drums

10:58am Friday 25th October 2013

FROM dead officers and child labourers to entombed prostitutes, Woolwich's Royal Arsenal is rumoured to be the home of more than 50 different ghosts.

Could humans ever have superhero powers? And which one would you choose?

News Shopper: MARVEL Andrew Garfield is the comic book hero

2:18pm Tuesday 22nd October 2013

COULD humans ever be given or develop ‘superhero’ powers and, if so, what would be the best one to have?

Ladywell cat Pablo strolls into Scottish bank - one year after disappearing

News Shopper: Pablo and Sarah Adie, 14, who has been looking after him in Fordall (Pic by SWNS)

10:07am Tuesday 22nd October 2013

A LUCKY Ladywell cat who disappeared from the streets of south-east London has been found one year later - 449 miles away in a Scottish bank.

Mystery of Bromley ghost solved

News Shopper: The ghostly figure near St Luke's Cemetery.

11:57am Wednesday 16th October 2013

HAVE you recently encountered a ghostly figure with a halo walking around Bromley?

Cat brought back from dead by firefighters during house blaze recovers in Lewisham

News Shopper: Cat brought back from dead by firefighters during house blaze recovers in Lewisham

11:22am Tuesday 8th October 2013

A CAT which was brought back from the dead after becoming trapped in a burning building is being cared for at a Lewisham vets.

Crumbs! Serial burglar caught with DNA on biscuit munched at Sydenham crime scene

News Shopper: Crumbs! Serial burglar caught with DNA on biscuit munched at victim's Sydenham home

12:54pm Tuesday 8th October 2013

CRUMBS! A burglar has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar after she left a half-munched chocolate biscuit at one of the scenes of her Sydenham crimes.

Zoinks! Greenwich police seize Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine

News Shopper: PC Aaron Saunders behind the wheel

4:38pm Monday 7th October 2013

ZOINKS! Greenwich police have seized Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine - and it seems Shaggy didn't pay his insurance.

Greenwich granddad claims his gigantic vegetable is 'biggest in Europe'

News Shopper: Greenwich granddad claims his gigantic vegetable is 'biggest in Europe'

11:08am Monday 7th October 2013

A GREENWICH grandfather claims his gigantic vegetable is the “biggest in Europe”.

Daredevil Dartford performer sets world record for smashing concrete on stomach

News Shopper: Daniella setting her Guinness World Record (Picture: Guinness World Records)

7:48am Wednesday 2nd October 2013

A SELF-CONFESSED "odd ball" from Dartford has described how it feels to have a sledgehammer smash concrete on your stomach while lying on a bed of nails.

False widow spider spied crawling towards baby in Blackheath

News Shopper: False widow spider spied crawling towards baby in Blackheath

9:33am Tuesday 1st October 2013

A FATHER had the "hairs standing on his neck" after spying the UK’s most venomous spider crawling towards his baby in Blackheath.

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