Counters in two Bromley police stations are set to close next month.

The counters at West Wickham office and Copperfield House police station will close on December 17.

Just one 24/7 front counter will remain - at Bromley Police Station.

Bromley’s Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Chris Hafford said: “In terms of the front counters closing, the impact will not be significant.

“The footfall at both West Wickham and Copperfields House is low and the number of actual crimes reported there is also very low.

“Most crime is reported on the phone and an increasing number are reported on-line so the MPS is increasing our capacity to do this.

“What I would like to say is that West Wickham has been staffed by a group of volunteers from the local community who have done a great job over the years and have kept it open.

“I feel sorry for them, but I do hope to harness their energy elsewhere to help the community.

“We are increasing the number of Dedicated Ward Officers (DWO) to two per ward, plus a Dedicated PCSO on each ward who are visible and accessible to the community, both in terms of reporting crime and through their community contact sessions.

“The financial pressures on the MPS are such that we will be focusing on the prevention and reduction of crime rather than maintaining underused buildings.

“From this perspective it makes perfect sense.”

Ch Supt said that members of the public should not be concerned about the closures.

He said: “I have an incredibly professional and committed workforce here who will rise to the challenge of working in a slightly different way or even in a different building.”

President of the Bromley Neighbourhood Watch Association Clifford Longley said: “This is a great pity.

“I guess the Metropolitan Police had no choice because of cuts in Government funding, but anything that reduces face to face contact between police officers and the general public is a step in the wrong direction, especially when the crime trends are upwards.”

It's estimated that the savings will be £59,000 each year.