A Beckenham family are embarking on their quest to become the British Kardashians after starring in a reality TV show.

Jill Demirel and husband Hus, both 37, and their children Janer 14, Jem 13 and Jengiz, 4, were selected to appear in Channel 5’s The Secret Life of the Family.

Mrs Demirel told News Shopper she hoped this was the first step to achieving their dream of being the UK version of America’s most famous family.


Obsessed with Kimmy K and the show, she said: “Why can’t we be like the British Kardashians? I’ve got the boys instead of girls.

“I didn’t even realise the pattern that all the boys’ names begin with J, like the Kardashians K until two weeks ago when I was watching the Kardashians, I’m totally obsessed.

“Everyone’s got their own dreams like being a doctor or an engineer or whatever and our dream is to get out there and be the British Kardashians.”

The family, from near Balmoral Avenue, already appear in the limelight with the three boys already modelling and acting.

News Shopper:

Jem, Jengiz and Janer

She said: “They all love the camera, love filming and taking pictures.

“I’m always on the search for stuff and auditions for my children.”

Mum too did a spot of modelling herself, and appeared on TV as part of a team of women designing sex toys for Ann Summers.

The couple, who have been married for 14 years, had cameras film their every move for the new show, but Mrs Demirel was shocked when they made the cut.

She said: “People were asking us questions and we were just shouting over each other.

“The interview finished and I thought we’ve blown it.

“I didn’t think they’d understand a word we were saying. But obviously they saw something.”

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Taping every episode, she said: “I realised how much we shout at each other, we don’t talk, it’s like oh my god.

“But it was really funny watching us.”

Filming every snippet of family life, Mrs Demirel ensures she is always in “tip-top” condition for her husband, who works in computer diagnostics.

News Shopper:

Hus and Jill 

Looking good 24/7 is key, she confessed: “Oh my god it’s 100 per cent important to look good, that’s me every single day. I put my make up on to do cleaning.

“It’s really important otherwise your husband will look elsewhere.

“I don’t get some people who don’t care and put anything on to go out.

“I love my selfies, oh my god I’m obsessed with selfies. I just love it.”

And after appearing on the telly the family’s already been spotted out and about, saying: “My sons were bombarded at school everyone was saying ‘oh my god you’re famous on TV’

“I’ve been recognised in Elmers End Tesco, Costa’s in Beckenham.

News Shopper:

The Demirels

“It’s really good to get that recognition, bearing in mind I’ve been trying to get my sons out there.

“Actually getting recognised like this we could actually be the Kardashians.”

With some offers of other work already rolling in, she added: “Imagine out of this show we could do lots of stuff, after shave, our own clothing range, go on to do modelling contracts with Burberry.

“We could have our own show, the Demirels."

The six-part series is on Tuesdays on Channel 5.