Each week I share my five thoughts of the week – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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1. I’m gaining a real dislike for the pig ignorant individuals who insist upon having their mobiles glued to their ear. Going through a checkout at a shop while you hold another conversation and failing to even acknowledge the sales assistant who serves you is just plain rude. We’re all too dependent on mobile phones, sadly, but there’s no excuse for this rudeness. Take just a minute away from the damn thing. 

2. Mobility scooters are everywhere these days. I’ve seen them three abreast on the pavement. Latest research says anything up to 50 per cent of people using these so-called mobility aids don’t need them. They’re cheap on eBay and other sites so chavs everywhere are obtaining their own wheels. Should there be a test before people are allowed to buy one?

3. Ever more people are getting their news from websites these days, so as well as great newspapers we’re working harder than ever on our website. But as much as people love strong news stories, they want quirky, wierd stuff – you won’t believe some of it here
4. I think, on balance, I want Scotland to stay with us. In general, I’m a big supporter of the UK and while I can understand a few north of the border have got gripes, I think we’re better off together. 

5. Congratulations to England women’s rugby team. Having lost the past three finals this really is a case of: ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. 

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