A teenager was killed by a Range Rover in Crayford after "running into the road" while under the influence of a large amount of ecstasy, an inquest heard this morning (July 29).

Kyle Rich, 18, of Pearswood Road, Erith, was struck by the red range rover in Thames Road in the early hours of June 21 last year.

The glass toughening engineer was walking back with his friend Jake Walker after a night out at Air and Breathe nightclub in Dartford.

Mr Walker told South London Coroners Court: "We were both drunk.

"Neither me nor Kyle took drugs. His drink may have been been spiked.

"As we were walking home, I was ahead and he was behind me.

"I turned around and he was by the edge of the road - I ran back and told him to stay away from the road. he just seemed drunk.

"He went into the road to get him, he looked at me and said 'alright' and then the collision happened."

Driver Stephen Brown, who was driving home from work at the time, said: "I saw two people by the road making unusual movements.

One was waving his hands around like a helicopter.

"He looked at me and ran into the road. He broke free from his friend.

"He was running to get away from him.

"I still haven't got it straight in my head what happened."

It remains unclear whether Mr Rich was walking or running into the road.

Collision investigator PC Mike Andrews said: "From the evidence, I think Kyle was walking across from the east side kerb towards the west."

Mr Brown was arrested at the scene and bailed but was later released without charge.

The post-mortem examination revealed alcohol in his blood as well as ecstasy "greater than normal recreational use".

The cause of death was given as hypovolemic shock, haemorrhage of the chest area and ruptured aorta.

Coroner Selena Lynch recorded a verdict of road traffic collision.