A Thamesmead mother has voiced her concern about urban foxes after one murderous creature sneaked into her house and killed her five-day-old kitten.

Vicky ODonnell, aged 26, of Carnoustie Close was shocked to discover a fox had gotten into her home through the living room window and had killed one of her cat, Lola's, five kittens.

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The mother-of-three children, aged between seven and four, says that the fox was not deterred by her presence or by being attacked by the kitten's mother.

Miss ODonnell said: "The lights were all on, the telly was on, I was up and walking around, I never would have imagined that this would happen.

"After a scuffle where my older cat was bitten and I was scratched by the fox I had to physically pick the fox up and put it outside. 

"I'm very concerned about the fact that a fox would come into a lively household to kill another vulnerable animal. "

Miss ODonnell says that she has been left too scared to let her children, Georgia, aged seven, Harry, aged six and Shaye aged four play outside.

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She added: "I am assuming the fox is the one I see all the time lives in the garden next door, under the decking.

"She has three cubs and the RSPCA have said she was probably feeling territorial, which is understandable, but if this is the case how can I let my children play in the garden, if they go too close do they risk and injury?

"The fox scratched at me and I am five foot eight so it's a scary prospect."

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