A HEALTH conscious fox stalked a Sidcup shopper before mugging her fruit and veg as she walked home.

Louisa Power was walking along Old Farm Avenue, Sidcup, at around 6.15pm on November 5, after visiting the Co-op to buy ingredients for her soup that night.

As the 46-year-old headed home with her bag of spring onions, two apples, baby corn and mange tout, she came across a medium sized fox which was "quite young and didn't look tatty".

She told News Shopper: "It was in front of me in the road, I thought 'that's a brave fox'.

"It didn't move when I walked past."

She added: "It sniffed my grocery bag and started walking after me.

"I used my handbag to try and shoo it away.

"But as I looked round it was on my heel snarling at me.

"I ran away and it jumped up and grabbed the food bag out of my hand."

Mrs Power, who works in advertising, says the fearless fox ran off with her apples and spring onions.

The mother-of-two said: "It was unbelievable, the audacity of that fox.

"A guy came over to help me and retrieved a couple of the items.

"I was quite shocked because they are not small animals - a big thank you to the man who helped me.

"I will have my wits about me from now on when I walk home."

She added: "The council should do something to deter the foxes away from urban areas.

"It is a growing problem and dangerous to both young and old people in Bexley.

"It is essential that it is dealt with by the council in a humane way, I love animals and don’t want any harm done to them."

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: "The council provides advice and support to people who are affected by foxes in their neighbourhood, this includes how foxes can be deterred and discouraged.

"The council would be happy to receive further information in relation to this incident to see if it can help resolve any matters which could be encouraging foxes.

"The council does not provide a fox control service.

"This is in response to independent research which shows culling or removal of foxes has little impact on numbers."

For more advice, call 020 8303 7777 option two or visit bexley.gov.uk

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