OLD Bexley & Sidcup MP James Brokenshire believes that the 2012 London Olympic Games will be a “great success” largely due to the security measures that are being taken.

Mr Brokenshire, the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Crime and Security at the Home Office, thinks the Olympics will be “an absolutely fantastic time and event.”

And although Mr Brokenshire reiterates that the government must focus on the sport rather than the security issues, he insists they are not taking any chances.

He said “I think it will heighten interest in sport. As a legacy it will bring people together and form all sorts of relationships that will be long lasting.”

Talking about the security measures, the married dad of three, who has been closely involved with the preparations for the security plans, said “we’ve got a good plan in place and we are still working very hard to make sure we deliver a safe and secure Olympic Games.

“We have thought very closely about the Olympic security plan. On certain days over 12,000 police officers will be on duty.”

The 43-year-old has also helped to develop security plans involving the British forces with over 13,500 military personnel.

Mr Brokenshire, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, said “If you look at previous games there is a lot of military preparation and I believe it is important to have a military aspect to the security to provide further support and have a contingency plan available. It is sensible planning.

“We are ensuring that the terrorist threat to this country is minimal and we are taking all the right decisions to ensure a safely delivered Olympic Games.

“I meet regularly with the sponsor LOCOG as well as the Metropolitan police and Olympics coordinator Chris Allison and work closely with them to develop polices and strategies for the games security.

“You can’t take shortcuts when it comes to security. We do live in a time when security issues are important.

“Preparations will build up more and more as we approach the games.

“I just hope it will be about lots of gold success for Britain and not about the security concerns."

However, despite concentrating on the security, Mr Brokenshire, an ex-solicitor, is still very much excited for next summer.

“I think the Olympics is a fantastic event. The ethos sport can do to bring countries together is incredible.

“It is going to have a major effect here in Bexley and across the whole country.

“I think it will bring Bexley together and the torch relay will be a fantastic event for the community.

“I’m quite sure it will have a lasting impression.”

Also, unbeknown to many, Sidcup will have a major involvement in the Olympics.

All the Coca-Cola sold during the games will be bottled in the humble town, making sure everybody’s thirst will be quenched.

Mr Brokenshire added “It will be an extraordinary two weeks when the games are here.

“It’s something I can’t quite comprehend right now but I know it’s something I won’t forget for the rest of my life and can look back on with huge pride.

“I’m sure the Olympics will touch us locally even if we don’t know it yet.”

Having walked around the velodrome and has future plans to walk around the Olympic park and stadium, Mr Brokenshire loves embracing the Olympic spirit.

“I’m a real enthusiast of the Olympics and believe sport can be transformative.

“I look back on the Sydney games and the spirit it brings with it with the likes of Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent in the rowing and all that they achieved.

“Also, having the privilege to meet former Olympic athletes like Jonathan Edwards and Steve Backley fills you with pride.

“Those gold medals pushed our interest in sport and I’m sure it will be the same next year.

“The funny thing about the Olympics is that you always end up watching some sport that you thought you never would and end up glued to the telly by it.”

However, despite having major involvement in the build-up, Mr Brokenshire may not to be able to experience the atmosphere first hand.

Mr Brokenshire has continuous responsibilities working with the Home Secretary in counter terrorism and combating serious organised crime while still campaigning tirelessly for Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, which is at the forefront of his intentions.

Talking about the closure of the A & E and maternity services at Queen Mary’s he said “I believe very strongly in having good local health care and I was bitterly disappointed with the closures.

“Queen Mary’s is at the top of my agenda and I will continue to campaign vigorously.”

Mr Brokenshire is also looking to help local businesses and get them through a very difficult economic period.

Mr Brokenshire finished “It will be a busy and hectic period locally in 2012 but hopefully it will be a positive one.”