1. Positive affirmations 

Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to bad mental health. Positive affirmations can make you feel more confident and can help you overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts. Here are a few positive affirmations you can use in your daily life: I am a strong, capable person, I am confident, and I can be whatever I want to be.  

2. Living in the moment  

Living in the moment, can reduce stress. This is because you do not think about the past or the future allowing you to just enjoy the moment. This leads to relaxation and happiness. This can also improve your focus as you tend to be more attentive to the task at hand rather than thinking about your past or your future.  

3. Sleep  

Sleep can help to reduce stress and anxiety by putting your mind to rest. It is important to have a good sleep schedule. Meditation before sleeping can help when you are having trouble sleeping. To have a good rest, it is important to block out any light and keeping your phones off as this can be distracting.  

4. Social connection 

Talking to someone you love can make you feel much better when you are having a difficult day. Spending quality time with others can improve your well-being significantly.  

5. Healthy living  

This includes eating a balanced diet and doing plenty of exercise. It is important to avoid unhealthy habits like spending too much time on social media. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains can boost your mental health.  

6. Gratitude 

It is vital to be grateful for what you have and acknowledge this. Gratitude makes you feel much happier and can improve sleep. Writing what you are grateful for in a journal can reduce any stress.