Sabine - owner of the business Sabine Della Porta - is an entrepreneur who has pursued her love of nature and science. Using her knowledge of the science behind skincare she has achieved a skincare brand which is harm-free. All products are natural and not animal tested and all soaps are naturally antifungal and antibacterial to prevent ruining the skin's oil balance.

Recently, Sabine Della Porta showcased some products at the community fair organised by the Rotary Club of Sanderstead and Selsdon where they had a game of 'Guess the Fragrance'. This game allowed customers and other stall holders to guess the mystery blends!

This business believes in the maxim ' do no harm' so they carefully pick each ingredient so as not to harm and try out the products on themselves (to the highest safety standard) - only developing those that the family loves. Their goal is to produce products that everyone can safely use and that are made from the best ingredients. This means that they add in scents and ingredients by hand. They say that their scents not only have benefits for your skin but also for mental health.

Sabine Della Porta loves to get feedback; so go to their website and try out some of their products! After visiting the business owner's workspace I can confirm that the products do have an amazing aroma.

I admire the owner as she has worked to create her own business and studied to get to where she is today and hope that many other people are inspired by her and her morals.