India, one of the largest countries in the world has recently had a surge in COVID-19 cases. They have seen the largest increase in coronavirus cases, which has left their health care system in tatters. Speaking as someone with relatives in India, the situation is terrifying. Grandparents are afraid to leave their house, and the sheer scope of the country has resulted in different areas receiving different instructions, confusing the public. This has caused many people to wonder what happened to their COVID protocols, and how the government allowed such a surge to occur when vaccines are beginning to be distributed. Furthermore, the new variants that have risen are beginning to compound the havoc being spread, as they are not only resistant to the vaccines, but their methods and rates of transmissions are unlike anything that has been seen before. As such the world is now once again in a terrifying scenario as the citizens of the proud nation are ow terrified, with once common areas being turned into crematoriums and houses becoming makeshift hospitals are centres of hospice care. this variant has caused many to think what went wrong, and how this virus once again became such a terror. All we can hope is that scientists and the government in India work together and try to help a country held in a panic. Until then I Hope all of you stay safe, regardless of where you are and continue to maintain your COVID protocols.