While there is much success and awareness of climate change, action isn’t happening or isn’t happening fast enough. There have been many failures with targets and question of whether governments are acting quickly enough. There was been a failure of rich industrialised countries’ to propose 2020 climate targets based on science and equality. Developed countries have failed to fulfill the objective of returning to their 1990 emission level by the year 2000 as called for by the convention. Many not only refused to emission cuts in case of the Kyoto protocol, but because of this they couldn’t even reach an agreement. They failed to meet their binding targets and then renounced their obligations in case of Canada. While there are a load of empty promises, there is evidence of change, but not for a long time. It is said that it will take 7 years to introduce a bottle return scheme. With the ever rising global temperature we don’t have forever and the longer it takes to reduce it the worse it is going to get.We are currently on track for 4°C to as much as 7.8°C of warming by the end of the century, which would make the world uninhabitable for organised human society.  

This is a problem, a change needs to happen and quickly. Mankind is destroying the earth, and while everyone faces problems in their everyday life they need to look at the bigger picture otherwise their will be no life, no humans left. Everyone needs to do their part. All the small things add up.