The Suez Canal is seen as one of the world’s busiest waterways with hundreds of ships using it every day. As of Saturday 27th March, three hundred and twenty-one ships are stuck behind the Ever Given. The boats stuck behind the container consist of bulk carriers and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) vessels. These vessels are very important and need to deliver across the world but can’t, so it is causing a huge capital impact. The stranded Ever Given container is holding up an estimated $9.6bn of goods each day, according to shipping data. It has also been calculated that every hour the ship is stuck in the canal it is costing $400m. 


Clearly, this is becoming very serious as lots of money is being lost because of this ship being stuck in a vital waterway, but some experts believe that it will be very hard to get the ship that is wedged in, out and may cost a lot and consume a lot of time in rescuing it. However, this ship needs to be removed quickly because every day its stuck in the canal the cost of blockage grows more substantial. What we do know though is that people in the canal are doing all they possibly can to remove the ship no matter how long it takes. So, when will the ship be set free?